Related Subcontracts

Funding Actions may have related Subawards, which you can view either from the main Funding Action page, or by clicking on the Subawards tab.

Subaward/Subcontract Information Section of the FA

This section contains a list of the related subawards, and displays the subaward number, the subrecipient name, and the first-year purchase order number.

funding action subaward section

Click on any subaward number to see additional details.

The Subaward Review modal will open on top of the FA details. This modal presents read-only information about the related subawards. It includes all of the subawards listed on the details page, but opens centered on the item you clicked.

Clicking on the subaward number or subrecipient name will open the actual subaward item, which will replace the Funding Action in the window.

funding action subcontracts review window

The subaward section provides the following information:

  • Total Subcontract Amount Awarded to Date – the sum of the SA Amount on all subcontract actions associated with this subcontract.
  • Total Subcontract Expenditures to Date – this figure is updated daily from the Purchasing and Accounts Payable System and is the sum of all subcontract invoices paid to date.
  • Total Subcontract UW F&A Expenditures to Date – this figure is automatically calculated based on the subcontract amount subject to F&A and the budget F&A rate specified in the Financial Accounting System.
  • Subcontract Status – either Active or Closed Out.
  • Subcontract Assigned To – identifies the OSP Subcontract Team member managing the subcontract.
  • First Year SC (PO) Number – the University’s purchase order number for this action.
  • Subcontract Amount Subject to UW F&A Costs – the total dollar amount subject to UW F&A Costs. The value is determined by the F&A Cost Base Type specified on the Funding Action.
  • UW Subcontract F&A Cost Base Type – the cost base for this subcontract.

The following section displays a list of the Subaward Actions associated to the subrecipient. The information displayed includes:

  • UW SC (PO) Number
  • UW Budget Number
  • FA Number
  • FA F&A Base Type
  • Subaward has ARRA Funding – Yes or No
  • Subaward Action Amount
  • Period Start and End Dates
  • Subaward Action Type

Subawards Tab

This tab displays a list of related subaward, as shown in the following image.

funding action subaward tab

The information shown includes:

  • Subcontract (Subaward) Number – system-generated unique identifier
  • Subcontractor (Subrecipient) – the institution receiving the outgoing subaward
  • UW Subcontract (PO) Number – the Purchase Order number
  • SA Amount – the dollar amount on the Subaward Action
  • SA Reporting Date
  • Status

You can click on the Open link to the left of the Subaward Number to open the item.