Approve an Application

Note: You will see the same dialog window for both Approvals and Returns. For details on returns, see the Return an Application article.

When you have completed your review of an “In OSP” status application and it is ready for submission to a sponsor, you can change its status to “Approved.”

NOTE: A standard (non-Grant Runner) application can be approved when in Routing status. The approval dialog window will display the warning message “This application has not yet been approved by all associated organizations on campus.”  You should not do this unless there are special circumstances.

To approve an application:

  1. From the left navigation menu of an open application, click Approve/Return.
  2. Under Application Details, review the summary information to ensure you are processing the correct application.
  3. Under OSP Notes, add any comments pertaining to this approval. These notes will appear on the History & Comments page.
  4. From the drop down menu, choose the location of File. You must reassign an application when approving.
  5. Finally, click Approve.

Once you approve an application, the research team can no longer withdrawn it and OSP cannot return it.

Note: The research team is not automatically notified when you approve an application.

You must attach the application to a cycle when you approve it, if it hasn’t been already. When you click Approve, a new window will display with a choice to create a new cycle or search for an existing cycle to attach the application to.

Any personnel changes made by campus to the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page after the application has been approved will be listed on that page.

For information about campus approvals and compliance reviewers, see the Approvals section.