View Budget Details

When looking at the Budget page, check the Connect a SAGE Budget section. If it’s empty, then the research team did not connect a SAGE Budget. Therefore, to see the budget details, you’ll need to navigate to the Attachments & Routing Questions page, and check the documents uploaded there.

If you do see instruction text and a link, then the research team has connected a SAGE Budget.

Connected budget image

Click this link to access to a read-only copy of the full, detailed budget, including any sub budgets.

SAGE Budget worksheet

When a SAGE budget is connected, the Attachments & Routing Questions page will have a Connected Budget Data section. You will see separate links for the parent budget and its sub budgets (if any).

The information listed includes

  • A Ref # for each part of the budget
  • The Type, which is either “Parent Budget” or the type of sub budget
  • The Budget Edit Number
  • The Working Title for the budget or sub budget

Click the Ref # to open an Excel version of that specific part of the budget.

Connected budget image