Advance Budget Requests

By default, an application is ineligible for a budget advance. Once you have approved the application, you can change its eligibility. This enables the owner of the application to submit a request in SAGE for a budget advance at any time before the UW receives, reviews and processes the award.

To change the eligibility for a Budget Advance

On the left navigation menu of an approved application, click Update Advance Eligibility. Check the Eligible for Advance Budgets box, and then click Update.

There is an Advance Budget Tool that campus can use to clarify why their applications may be ineligible for an advance. The Tool asks the user a series of questions to assess whether the preparer has satisfied all compliance areas so that the preparer can create an advance budget number request.

The Tool send the results to OSP if, based on the answers provided, it determines the eGC1 is eligible for an advance budget number. OSP will then confirm the information provided and remove the eligibility block. The system notifies the application’s owners (PI, Admin Contract, Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer) that the application is now eligible.