Application Status

Each application created in SAGE has a status. The status reflects where the application is in the whole grant lifecycle from proposal through to close-out.

An application may have one of the following nine statuses:

  • Composing: An application has this status while in development by a Principal Investigator (PI) or a research administrator in SAGE. OSP reviewers cannot see an eGC1 in this status.
  • Routing: When a research team completes an application, indicating that it’s ready for review, the application status changes to Routing and it moves into the approval phase. Preparers have the option to “withdraw” the application from routing to make adjustments, and then re-complete it so that it resumes routing.
  • In OSP: When all of the business units on campus that need to approve the application have done so, its status changes to In OSP.
  • Returned: During the review process, a campus or OSP reviewer may return the application to the research team for changes. When that occurs, the application status changes to Returned.
  • Withdrawn: As the application is routing, the research team may need to make changes. They can pull the application out of routing to make it editable. When that occurs, the application status changes to Withdrawn.
  • Approved: When OSP has approved an application, and their node on the approval graph is green, the application status changes to Approved. The application will have a pink “Approved” banner on its pages.
  • Awarded: If the sponsor awards funding to the proposal, OSP creates a Funding Action and sends it to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) for processing. When the system changes the FA to “Sent to GCA,” it also automatically changes the application status from Approved to Awarded.
  • Denied by Sponsor: If the sponsor does not fund the proposal, then either the research team or OSP can change its status from Approved to Denied.
  • Permanently Withdrawn: If the research team decides not to submit the application to the sponsor, its status should become Permanently Withdrawn.  If the application’s status is Withdrawn or Returned, the research team can change it; if its status is In OSP with RTS = Yes or if its status is Approved, then OSP can change the status.

To view status history

If you have any questions about the status of an application, you can check its Status Page for the details.

To reset the status

OSP can use the Reset Status feature to set some statuses to a prior state.