Monitor New Applications

When a preparer submits an application into routing for approval, the system automatically associates it with an OSP Group/Team and assigns it to an individual. The assignment depends on the following information provided in the application:

  • The organization code receiving funding
  • The amount of money requested
  • The sponsor
  • The application type
  • The sponsored program activity type

By default, your Application Tasklist will display applications assigned to you with a status of In OSP. This status indicates that all campus reviewers have completed their approvals are complete. You can personalize the settings of your Application Tasklisk if you want to monitor applications in Routing status.

Note: When the preparer of an application in Withdrawn or Returned status re-completes it, the system re-evaluates the selected group/team and may change it.  The assignment remains unchanged, so that the item returns to the person who last worked on it, and who can then re-assign it if needed.