Generally, we refer to anyone who appears on the SAGE approval flow as a reviewer. More specifically, reviewers are either Approvers or Watchers.

  • Approvers must sign off (electronically) on the eGC1.
  • Watchers simply monitor the status of an eGC1; they do not approve the eGC1.

The system determines the reviewers of an application based on one or more of the following eGC1 values:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Organization code receiving funding
  • Any additional research personnel
  • Cost sharing information
  • Answers to certain compliance questions

UW business units assign specific reviewer roles to individuals in ASTRA. The current academic unit roles are

  • Division Reviewer (limited by organization code)
  • Department or Center Reviewer (limited by organization code)
  • Dean’s Reviewer (limited by organization code)
  • Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (Tacoma, Bothell)
  • Vice Chancellor Admin Services (Tacoma, Bothell)

Most units designate more than one reviewer. The system only requires one of the reviewers to approve the eGC1.