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When you have uploaded all signed and scanned documents to an application, you can send a system-generated email to the PI, Application PI, Administrative Contact, and Pre-Award Budget Contact. It notifies them that the documents are ready for review, and where to pick up any related hard copy documents.

The PI or research group can alternately download and print these document(s) from the “Documents Uploaded by OSP” section of the Attachments page of the eGC1.

To notify the research team of available documents

From the left-hand navigation menu of an open application, click Attachments & Routing Questions. At the top of the page, under Campus Notification, click Ready for Pickup.

Ready for pickup screen shot

When the confirmation pop-up displays, click OK to continue. When the process is complete, a pink banner will appear. It disappears once you leave the page.

Tip: If you want to view a list of the specific recipients for this email, you can do so on the Email Notifications page. Click its link on the left hand navigation menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the entries with the Action Taken (middle column) of “Notified Docs Ready.”

Sample campus notification message:

Email Subject Line (sample values filled in)
eGC1# A99999 OSP has signed documents ready for retrievalEmail Body (sample values filled in)
ACTION REQUIRED: Retrieve signed documents for submission to the sponsor.Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has signed the sponsor forms or letters that are required to submit the above application. You may download and print these document(s) from the “Documents Uploaded by OSP” section of the Attachments page of the eGC1. If you have requested original signed hard copy documents, you may pick them up from the OSP Front Desk.Application # – A99999
Long title – Applying Fractal Geometry to Measuring Coast Lines
PI name – Jayne Doe
Sponsor – American Mathematical Society
Sponsor Deadline – 10/15/2018

The original signed paperwork will remain at the OSP Front Desk for one (1) week from the date of this email. After that the documents will be mailed to the department.

You may click the link below to reach the eGC1 Attachments page:

Customized link to attachments page

This message was sent to the PI, Application PI, Admin Contact, and Pre-Award Budget Contact identified in the eGC-1.
OSP location (


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