Related Advance Budget Requests

If an application has a related advance request, you will see an information box on its child Funding Action that states, “This funding action has a parent eGC1 with advances in which cost share and non-fiscal compliance responses may have been updated.”

The following image shows an example of this.

advance budget links on funding action

The information box will include a link to the related advance, as well as the status and date. If additional advances were processed in the last ~18 months of the award cycle, they will also be listed in the information box. To determine which advance is related to the funding action, hover over the Cycle Details tab, or click View Cycle Details.

NOTE: Any advances that exceed the maximum duration of 18 months will not appear in the funding action information box. The advance will, however, continue to display in the Cycle Details.

Click the ADV# link within the funding action information box. The SAGE Advance Budget request will open in a new tab. You will have view-only access. By default, the Request Summary page will be open. Scroll down to the Cost Share and Non-Fiscal Compliance sections to view the latest information, as shown in the following image.

associated advance non-fiscal compliance data in sage