Search for Items

SPAERC contains all the applications and associated items processed at the UW since 2003. Finding a specific item in the system can be challenging unless you know exactly where to look for it.

You can use the Search function to find one or more items quickly. Every tasklist has a Search appropriate to its data.

Note: only some of the tasklist options apply to search results: page length, available column choices, and sorting choices.

The following image shows the search bar, which appears just below the Tasklist Options bar.

tasklist search

To use Search

Click anywhere on the Search bar to expand the section. The search criteria will display and will vary depending on the tasklist.

Note: When you click on the Search bar, the word Search will change to Hide Search. Clicking the words, or bar, a second time will close the search criteria section.

The following image shows the search criteria for the Applications tasklist.

application tasklist search criteria

Enter one or more search terms (generally a minimum of two to three characters, not case sensitive) then click Search. A more specific search will return fewer items. Note that each search criterion indicates what type of search is done: matches, contains, or starts with. These are described below. Note that the Application search has one special field for searching Personnel by role. This is also describe below.

The Search Criteria section will close, and the refreshed tasklist will display the results of the search. You can then open a specific item from the list. The current search criteria will display on the Search bar and a “Your actions was completed successfully” message displays above the tabs, as shown in the following image.

search criteria on tasklist search bar

Understanding Search Results

When you specify multiple search terms, the items on the resulting tasklist will display only if they match ALL of the terms specified.

Types of Search

Matches:  An item’s value for that criterion must be identical to the search term specified. For example, searching for an Application Number of “A12345” or “12345” will match only the application A12345. The “A” is optional.

Contains: An item’s value for that criterion must include the search term within it. For example, searching for a Sponsor Name containing “health” will result in items which have a sponsor of “National Institutes of Health (NIH),” the “Harvard Public School of Health” and others.

Starts With: An item’s value must begin with the same characters as the search term. For example, searching for an Organization Code of “3080” will result in items with a code of 3080001000, 30800003000, and others.

Personnel Search: To use the Personnel search by role, click the Look Up Personnel link, search for and select the desired person. The selected person’s Name will display, along with a drop-down menu for Role Type. Use the default value of “All” or select the desired Role Type.

Results will include any eGC1 that has this person listed on the PI & Personnel page for the selected role.

Once a person has been selected, a Clear link will appear, which will clear the value for the Personnel, Name, and Role Type fields from the search criteria.

Role Type choices are:

  • All
  • Principal Investigator
  • Co-Investigator
  • Key Personnel
  • Fellow
  • Mentor
  • Multiple PI
  • Application PI
  • Other