Sponsor Chooser

Use this chooser whenever you are looking up a sponsor across all of the SAGE Suite except for SAGE Budget and Advances, which use a type-ahead style search.

You can search by the sponsor’s name or by the name of its parent, if it has one.

In the chooser, enter the search value in the text box, select Sponsor Name or Parent Sponsor Name from the drop-down menu, then click the Search button. You can use the Cancel link, or the X in the upper right corner, to return to the page your were on without completing the search process.

The following image shows the chooser.

sponsor chooser dialog

Search by Sponsor Name

You must enter at least two characters when searching by name. The results will include any sponsor whose name includes those characters. Since many sponsor names include their common acronyms, you can try searching for that. For example: NIH, NSF, DOD.

Search by Parent Sponsor Name

When searching by parent, the results will include any sponsor whose parent name includes the characters entered.

Search Results

The results list includes the Sponsor or Agency Name, Parent Name (if there is one), and Sponsor Type. To select a sponsor, click on the Sponsor or Agency Name. The following image shows an example results list.

example results list for sponsor chooser

Sponsor Not Found

If there are no matching results for your search, the message “Sorry, no result for your search.” will display. If you have searched several ways to find your sponsor and can’t, it may be that it isn’t in the Sponsor database.

If you cannot locate the sponsor in our database, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Send an email to osptech@uw.edu with the name of the sponsor, any contact information you have for the sponsor (website, physical address, etc.) and a brief description of the organization. OSP will research your request and update the sponsor database as appropriate.
  2. Type the word “Pending” in the Search for: field on this page, and then click Search. Select the Sponsor Type most appropriate for your sponsor from the list of pending sponsors. When you select a pending sponsor, you will be returned to the Application Details Page. Under Sponsor enter the sponsor’s name and address in the Address field.
  3. Upon confirmation from OSP that the sponsor has been added, update your eGC1 with the correct sponsor information and proceed to the PI and Personnel page to send SFI disclosure notifications.

Where the Sponsor Chooser is Used in an eGC1

  • The sponsor on the Details page
  • The originating sponsor on the Details page
  • The sponsor in the Grant Runner wizard