Climbing is a unique way to build relationships, challenge individuals, and reward your organization or group. Let us host your group climbing event at Crags Climbing Center and allow your team to try something new and have fun while doing it. No rock climbing experience is necessary, and we can custom-tailor the event to suit your needs!

These events are open to UW RSOs, UW departments, and even non-UW-affiliated groups, with affordable rates for every group.

Important Information

  • Typically scheduled during Crags off-hours; see our current hours operating hours here.
  • It can include either bouldering or rope climbing, or a combination of both.
  • We typically provide 2-4 staff who are available to belay upon request (*1 staff minimum).
  • Can accommodate groups of 10-30 participants at a time.
  • Min of 1.5 hours is recommended to allow for gear fitting and introduction to the space, as well as plenty of time for climbing.
  • All required climbing gear is included with the facility rental fees.
  • Scheduling of events depends on staff and space availability.
  • Email for pricing information and to discuss dates and times: