Summer 2023 Intramurals

Registration opens Monday, June 12th at 10:00am. Register for Intramurals on UW IMLeagues. In order to create or join a team, all participants must purchase a $25 IM Pass through IMLeagues, which provides access to unlimited intramural activities for the quarter. You may also purchase a $10 Single Use Pass for our individual tournaments.

Programs are open to current UW students, faculty and staff, and +1s with a Rec Membership. UW Recreation no longer offers an Outdoor Participation Membership policy – please visit the link for more information on this decision.

  • View UW IMLeagues at anytime to review league offerings and availability.
  • Should a league be full, teams can be created within the waitlist for an opportunity to be placed in the league.
  • Payment for registration does not guarantee or confirm your spot in the league, tournament or event. Payment must be made AND team created in IMLeagues by the registration deadline to confirm your spot.

To register for programming:

  1. Create a UW IMLeagues account with your UW email.
  2. Create an individual or team registration in IMLeagues within the specific activity for which you would like to participate by the registration deadline.
  3. Purchase a $25 IM Pass for unlimited access to leagues and tournaments.
  4. Add team members to your roster (team registration only).

How to create an IMLeagues account:

  1. Go to UW IMLeagues and click “Create Account”.
    • If you sign up with Facebook it has to be associated with your UW email.
  2. Choose the University of Washington as your school.
    • If you are a UW Bothell or UW Tacoma student playing intramurals on the main Seattle campus, do not choose Bothell or Tacoma.
  3. Enter your UW Email and password.
    • UW Email required to create an account on IMLeagues. If you have an IMleagues account under a different email, you will need to create another account using your UW email.
  4. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.

How to create your Team (Team Captain):

  1. Login to your UW IMLeagues account using your UW email.
  2. Click on the University of Washington icon at the top of the page.
  3. The current leagues, tournaments, and events for the entire term will be listed.
  4. Select the sport and league you wish to play in (Men’s, Women’s, Open, Co-Rec).
  5. Select the division you’d like to play in (Monday 5PM, Tuesday, 5PM, etc.).
  6. Click on the green “Create Team” button to create a team. Enter your team preferences.
  7. Purchase a $25 IM Pass through IMLeagues.
  8. Add members to your team.
    • If you are in need of more players, when you create your team you can choose to mark “looking for free agents”. This will display a red flag next to your team name so free agents can contact you.

How to purchase an IM Pass (Player):

  1. Login to your UW IMLeagues account using your UW email.
  2. Accept the team invite or join team
  3. Pass the participation quiz
  4. Sign the waiver
  5. You will then be prompted to pay for your $25 IM Pass (plus tax)
  6. Team Captains will be prompted to pay for their pass after creating the team

How to add team members (Team Captain):

  1. Click Team Options.
  2. Click Invite Members on the team page.
    • If they already have an IMleagues account you can search by their name.
    • If they don’t have an IMleagues account yet you can Invite by Email Address.
    • UW email required to be used.
  3. Members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team

How to join a team (Player):

  1. Find existing teams on the league page and click Join Team.
  2. Purchase a $25 IM Pass through IMLeagues for access to Intramurals.
  3. The team Captain will choose how to add members upon team creation
    • Team members can either automatically be added by finding team and selecting “join team”
    • Or team members will request to join, then must be accepted by the captain
    • Team members are officially added when their name appears on the team roster

How to sign up as a Free Agent:

  1. Find League, Day and Time you want to join.
  2. Click Join as Free Agent.
  3. Accept Waiver.
  4. Post listing.
    • If a team is interested in picking you up they will invite you to join their team.
    • You can list yourself in as many leagues as you want but can only join the maximum number of teams per league/division for an individual.
    • Free Agents can also attend the Free Agent/Captains’ Meeting for their sport for a change to meet team Captains looking for players.
    • A red flag will be displayed next to teams who are looking for free agents. You can ask to join these teams.
  5. Purchase a $25 IM Pass for access to Intramural activities.


Questions About Accessibility?

UW Recreation’s programs, operations, and facilities are intended to be inclusive and accessible. If at any time, you have a need or concern please contact us, we encourage everyone to participate in our department offerings. For accommodation requests connected to a disability or health condition contact us at (206) 543-4590 or at Requests can be responded to most effectively if received as far in advance as possible, preferably at least 10 business days.

Request with Disability Services Office

Request Disability Resources for Employees:

Request with Disability Resources for Students

Request Disability Resources for Students:


UW Recreation does not provide accident or medical coverage for participants. It is recommended that participants obtain their own personal coverage. Students may obtain additional information on student accident/sickness insurance by contacting:  Insurance & Cost | Husky Health & Well-Being (

Questions About Refunds?

For questions about program or membership refunds check the Registration page or contact