Recreational activity and the ability to balance academics with physical engagement is paramount to the success of our students. Through our programs, students strive to build communities and experiences outside of the classroom, control stress levels, and set healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

UW Recreation wants every student to be able to join or participate in a recreational class, program, or activity. We also have an unwavering commitment to access for all students, and believe that socio-economic barriers should not prevent any student from participation.

Thanks to the support of the Student Recreation Fund, each quarter we ensure every student has the opportunity to apply for Recreation financial awards to make meaningful participation a reality.

You must use the award within the quarter that it is offered. You may receive funding to cover the cost of up to 80% of one offering per quarter (max $100 per quarter).

The award is non-transferable.

The award is only for the following UW Recreation offerings:

  • Fitness: Rec Class Pass; Single Session Massage; Introductory Session and Single Session Personal Training
  • Intramurals: IM Pass; Single Use Pass
  • Martial Arts: Aikido; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Kung Fu; Shotokan Karate; Taekwondo; Tai Chi
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, & Meditation: Rec Class Pass
  • Sports Skills: Badminton: Beginner/Intermediate; Badminton: Competitor Tennis: Beginner; Tennis: Intermediate; Tennis: Competitor
  • Swim Lessons: Group Swim Lessons
  • UWild Climbing: Crags Quarter Pass; Crags Quarter Equipment Pass; UWild Climbing Class or Trip
  • UWild Trips: UWild Fishing; UWild Hiking and Backpacking; Paddle Sports; Snow Sports

This award cannot be applied to anything not included above.

On the award notification date, you will receive an email update your application status and instructions for next steps.

If selected, you will be responsible for the difference in price between the award and the full cost. We accept checks, money orders (for the exact amount), Husky Card, or credit card (except AMEX) as forms of payment.

Receiving an award does not guarantee space in your requested activity, class, and/or program.

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Application Timeline

Please see the application link above for pertinent timeline information for each quarter.

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