Officer Forms & Resources

Manuals & Officer Training

Form Description Deadline
2022-23 Rec Club Manual Contains policies and guidelines to be followed by all rec clubs currently affiliated or those requesting to be affiliated with UW Recreation. None
Autumn Officer Training Serves as an introduction or refresher course for new or returning rec club officers. Training covers topics ranging from program organization, club policies and procedures, and disciplinary actions. Completion of online training is required of all club officers.
Training will take place Mon. Sept. 26th from 7pm-9pm via zoom.


Home and Away Event Requests & Reports

Form Description Deadline
Home Event Plan – Facilities & Equipment Form to be submitted prior to hosting any event. Also used to request space at a UW Recreation facility or equipment. 2 Weeks Prior to Event Date
Away Event Plan Form to be submitted prior to travel summarizing details of club trip. 5 Business Days Prior to Travel
Driver Authorization Form to be submitted for club members and coaches to become an authorized driver (rental vehicles and personal vehicles) for rec clubs trips.
Prior to Away Event Plan Submission
Authorized Driver List Full list of Rec Club Authorized Drivers. Individuals must be 18 years or older with a valid drivers licensed to be approved. Individuals driving person vehicles must have insurance.
Post Event Report Form to be submitted post rec club home and away events.
48 Hours Post Event



Form Description Deadline
RSO Registration At the beginning of every Autumn Quarter, one Club officer is required to re-register the club as an RSO through the Student Activities Office. If you fail to re-register your club before the last Friday of October, the club will be deemed inactive and will no longer have reserved facility space or access to IMA budget(s). You will also update your club constitution and officers in the re-registration process Last Monday of October
Participation Waiver Club members must sign the participation waiver and complete the emergency contact form and conduct form on IMLeagues to be eligible to participate. Club members must create an IMLeagues account using their email.
Prior to Participation
Rec Club Constitution Form used to submit your Club’s Constitution to the Rec Clubs Office. See an example of how to structure your Club Constitution here Beginning of Autumn Quarter
Request To Become a Rec Club Contains information on how to start a club, how to reactivate an inactive club, and applying to be a part of UW Recreation. None
Student Activities Office Every club is part of a network of over 900 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus. The Student Activities Office offers resources to all clubs that are currently registered and active. None



Form Description Deadline
Purchase Request Form to request use of rec club allocated funds or Development Fund for a purchase. May take 5+ Days to Process.
Reimbursement Request Form to request use of rec club allocated funds or Development Fund for a reimbursement for a club member. Receipts are mandatory when completing the request.
Within 30 days following the event. May take 10+ Days to Process
Sponsorship Plan Form to be submitted to inform Rec Clubs Office of a sponsorship agreement. Prior to Finalizing Sponsorship
Fundraiser Plan Form to be submitted to inform Rec Clubs Office of plans for hosting fundraisers.
2 Weeks Prior to Event Date


Coach, Instructor, & Volunteer

Form Description Deadline
Volunteer Agreement Form required of non-students affiliated with the club who volunteer in varies capacities including coaching, instruction, etc. Prior To Participation


Risk Management

Form Description Deadline
Accident Report Form to be completed in the event of a medical injury. Within 24 Hours of Accident
Incident Report Form to be completed in the event of an incident including but not limited to; a participant ejection/misconduct, theft, vehicle accident, etc.
Within 24 Hours of Incident
Safety Officer Agreement Form to be completed by the Safety Officer after completing Safety Officer Training.
Fall Officer Training Due Oct. 1. Any newly appointed safety officers have 1 week after appointment.