Autumn 2021 Intramurals

Autumn 2021 programs are open to current UW students, faculty and staff, and +1s with an IMA Membership. Registration opens Thu. Sept. 23 at 5:00pm. Register for Intramurals on UW IMLeagues. In order to create or join a team, all participants must purchase a $20 IM Pass through IMLeagues.

Ways you can play Intramurals at UW


Co-Rec, Men’s, Open, Women’s


Competitive, Recreational, Fac/Staff/Grad

Free Agents

Individuals looking for a team

League & Division Information

It is up to the participant to choose the league and division that best fits their individual needs and skills. Leagues apply to Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, and Open with divisions (competitive and recreational) offered based upon interest. The intramural staff reserves the right to place or move teams and individuals to the appropriate division. The goal of this system is to have players seek competition at their own ability levels so that players of lesser skill can, and will, participate and enjoy some measure of success. Thus, novice players are welcomed and encouraged to participate in intramural activities. It may be necessary to combine leagues or divisions in the case of limited entries.



This league is open to all genders. The purpose of the open league is to promote friendly competition among all participants. This league does not have gender ratio requirements or gender specific playing rules. There may be ope competitive and open recreational divisions offered per sport.


This league is open to all genders and has gender ratio requirements and/or gender specific playing rules. See sport specific rules for gender ratio requirements and co-rec rule modifications. There may be co-rec competitive and co-rec recreational divisions offered per sport.


This league is open to all individuals who identify as women. Women’s competitive and women’s recreation divisions may be offered per sport.


This league is open to all individuals who identify as men. Men’s competitive and men’s recreation divisions may be offered per sport.



This level is the most competitive level of play and offered in sports that acquire enough entries to split levels between competitive and recreational. Teams are comprised of often highly skilled, competitive individuals, typically with prior playing experience.


Teams participating at this level are less competitive than the competitive division. Player ability is not as important as having fun and socializing. Recreational divisions are offered for a range of interests including competitive play, social gathering and/or individuals learning a new sport.


This is a recreational division and applies to Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball. Competition is open to graduate students and faculty/staff members only. Undergraduate students may be permitted to participate in this division with permission from the Intramural Sports Program.

Free Agent

Free Agent Program Information

The Free Agent Program assists in placing individuals on league teams. If you have an interest in a particular activity, please sign up as a Free Agent on IMLeagues while entries are open in your specific sport. Free agents are also encouraged to attend the Free Agent/Captains’ Meeting for their activity. Free agents do NOT need to pay a team fee until after the Free Agent Meeting when they have been placed on a team.

Signing up as a Free Agent

1.     Go to

2.     Register for an account using your UW email.

3.     Find League, Day and Time you want to join.

4.     Click Join as Free Agent.

5.     Accept Waiver.

6.     Post listing

  • If a team is interested in picking you up they will invite you to join their team.
  • You can list yourself in as many leagues as you want but can only join the maximum number of teams per league/division for an individual.
  • Free Agents can also attend the Free Agent/Captains’ Meeting for their sport for a change to meet team Captains looking for players.
  • A red flag will be displayed next to teams in IMLeagues who are looking for free agents. You can ask to join these teams.

Intramural handbook

Check out the online 2019/20 Intramural Handbook