Starting a new Rec Club

Becoming a Rec Club within UW Recreation requires that the student leadership take several steps, starting with the establishment and recognition of the club through the Student Activities Office.  A brief outline of the steps are listed below:


1. Become a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with the Student Activities Office, HUB 232, and attend one of their monthly Student Organization Orientations in order to establish the Club in the SAO DirectoryClubs must be an active RSO for a minimum of one year (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer) before consideration for Rec Club status with UW Recreation.

2. Schedule a meeting with the Rec Club Manager concerning plans for becoming a Club within UW Recreation and to review departmental criteria.

3. Some of the criteria considered for the addition of a new club:

  • Availability of facilities to meet club needs. Use of facilities for a new club will not adversely impact existing UW Recreation programs.
  • Level of student interest in the proposed activity. A minimum of 10 active members (students and faculty/staff) for at least one year is needed (respective number of players for team sports), and demonstration that there is committed student leadership to sustain the program in the years to follow.
  • The activity is not currently offered.
  •  Available competition within a reasonable geographic area (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Vancouver B.C).
  •  Affiliation with a local league and or conference.
  •  For martial arts clubs, preference will be given to those clubs that have an affiliation with a local, regional, or National Governing Body.
  • Purpose of the club (recreational, competitive, and instructional). If competitive, travel must primarily be regional (WA, OR, ID).
  • Availability of a knowledgeable/skilled coach or instructor.

4.  Complete the application for becoming a part of the Rec Clubs Program.  Applications will only be reviewed once you have met with the Rec Club Manager, and follow-up meetings will be scheduled between club officers and UW Recreation Staff before a decision is rendered.  Note that Clubs applying after October 31st each year will not be added in the current academic year.