The Climbing Training Room, affectionately dubbed Crimp Town by Crags staff, is a workout space in the IMA dedicated specifically to fitness and technique training for climbers. Crimp Town is located on the 1st floor in a former racquetball court, so stop by Crags Climbing Center or Member Services for directions or follow the posted signs to find the space.

The main feature of the space is the MoonBoard, but it includes other fitness opportunities for warming up or training.

Moon Board at the IMAMoonBoard

A standardized interactive training wall that connects a global community of climbers through shared problems & routes. Our MoonBoard allows for programmable routes using the provided iPad to select a route created by other users, lighting up the specific holds to follow. Learn More.


Also known as fingerboards, hangboards are a compact training tool consisting of a specialized set of climbing holds of varying sizes. The two installed hangboards can be used to train hand and finger strength for various climbing holds or as a warm-up before jumping on the MoonBoard.

TRX Multi-mount

TRX is short for total body resistance exercise, a form of suspension training that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously on an industrial-grade steel wall-mounted pull-up bar for a complete full-body workout. Our TRX station is ready to go to supplement your climbing workout or help you warm up before you climb.

More features are coming to Crimp Town in the future, but please feel free to let us know if you have suggestions for other equipment or improvements you’d like to see in the space!

Email with any questions or comments.