Customized Exercise Programs

Our Custom Exercise Programs include a personalized a four-week training schedule that you do independently. The programs focus on you and your goals, and are created by our certified personal trainers (they are not in-person training sessions). Whether your goal is strength gain, improved athletic performance, weight loss, or stress relief, our experienced trainers can create an exercise program to meet your needs.

You can purchase one four-week session, or order multiple programs to ensure you reach your goals and continue to thrive.

Our personal trainers are certified through a national organization, have prior experience working with a variety of clients, and often have a degree in Exercise Science or a related field.

What is included?

A four-week plan with up to three days a week of exercises customized to meet your health and wellness goals!

A masked student wearing a purple University of Washington t-shirt lifts weight in the IMA.Who can purchase a program?

Members and non-members can purchase a program!

If you have never worked with a personal trainer at the IMA before:

Once you have purchased your customized exercise program, you will then need to complete the new client session. This is our “fact-finding” session that will help the trainer understand your goals. For new clients who wish to purchase the new client session, follow this link and add yourself to the waitlist. You will be manually added by the Fitness Manager once that is completed.

If you are already working with a personal trainer at the IMA:

If you are already working with a trainer, you do not need to purchase the new client session again. Our trainers will have one week to send you your program.

What does it cost?

Students: $60 per plan
Faculty & Staff: $75 per plan

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Frequently asked questions

What kinds of exercises can someone expect to get with this plan?

In the new client session, your trainer will work with you to figure out what equipment you have and customize your program based on that! Whether you are working out at home or the IMA, our trainers know how to construct a program for you based on your chosen exercise location!

Do you get to choose which trainer designs your program?

Clients do not get to choose who writes their program as of now.

How many days a week of customized workouts do I get?

Based on your goals and equipment, your trainer will construct a program with up to three days a week of exercises.

Once I have purchased my program and intro session, do I get to work in-person with a trainer also?

Please note that once your mandatory new client session is completed and you receive your program, you unfortunately do not get to skip the line and begin working with a personal trainer in person. You will need to join the waitlist to meet with a trainer in person.

Is nutrition advice included?

Nutrition counseling is not part of our personal training services. If you are interested in nutrition counseling, you can purchase those sessions separately with our registered dietician.

Questions About Accessibility?

UW Recreation’s programs, operations, and facilities are intended to be inclusive and accessible. If at any time, you have a need or concern please contact us, we encourage everyone to participate in our department offerings. For accommodation requests connected to a disability or health condition contact us at (206) 543-4590 or at Requests can be responded to most effectively if received as far in advance as possible, preferably at least 10 business days.

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Request with Disability Services Office

Request Disability Resources for Employees:

Request with Disability Resources for Students

Request Disability Resources for Students:


UW Recreation does not provide accident or medical coverage for participants. It is recommended that participants obtain their own personal coverage. Students may obtain additional information on student accident/sickness insurance by contacting:  Insurance & Cost | Husky Health & Well-Being (

Questions About Refunds?

For questions about program or membership refunds check the Registration page or contact