Self-Guided Tour of the IMA

Inside of IMA
You will begin your tour on the second floor at the Member Services Desk. As you pass through the turnstiles at the ID Control booth you will notice on the left and right two gyms, Gym A and Gym D respectively, primarily used for basketball. Gym D is also used for intramural league games, and Gym A is also used for roller skating on Friday nights during the academic year.

As you walk down the main hallway, you will see the temporary location of our equipment issue desk where you can check out a wide variety of equipment including locks, basketballs, badminton rackets and volleyballs. Continue straight down the main hallway and to the left you will find racquetball, handball, and squash courts (includes 4 international squash courts along the far wall).

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UW Recreation Self Guided Tour

The first room on your left is the Cycling Studio, used for group cycling fitness classes. The next two rooms on the left are used for personal trainers and their clients. The second room on the right in the court area is the Special Conditioning Room, which contains speed and heavy bags.

Continuing down the main hallway, to the right is the pool overlook (the pool is currently undergoing a major renovation). Just beyond the equipment issue desk on the right is the temporary location for the first aid office.

Continue down the hall to the main Lounge, which includes vending machines and a large flat screen TV. On the left and right are Gym B and Gym C. Gym B is used primarily for badminton and Gym C is used for volleyball.

Go down the stairs to the first floor. At the bottom of the stairs is the former Men’s Locker Room which is currently undergoing a complete renovation and will be transitioning to a gender-neutral locker room. Head down the first floor hallway and to the right you will find more racquetball, handball and squash courts. Continue forward to the Free Weight Room, which you will find to the right. If you venture down the side hallway, you will find the Archery Room (supervised archery on Friday evenings during the academic year) and Mat Room A.

Back in the main hallway, past the Free Weight Room is the former Women’s Locker Room on your left (currently undergoing a complete renovation). Straight ahead are Mat Room B and Studio 111, used for martial arts, dance, fitness classes, and club practices. Turn back to the elevator and take the elevator or the stairs to the fourth floor.

At the top of the stairs, turn right to Fitness South, where weight equipment is located. From Fitness South, you can also see Pariseau Gym on the third floor. You may walk on the inside of the track, or look directly across the Pariseau Gym, to Fitness North where cardio equipment is located. Return to the stairwell and continue down to the third floor.

At the bottom of the stairs on the third floor, you will find the Administration and Programs Offices. Turning left you can either walk down the hall, or through Pariseau Gym, to Studio 316, used for mindfulness classes and club practices. Return to the main stairwell and continue down to the second floor.

At the second floor lobby, make a U-turn to the Cardio/Fitness Room. On the north side of the room is the Crags Indoor Climbing Center (42′ wall with separate bouldering area). From the wall, turn right and go straight to Studio 216. To the right of the studio, you have a great view of the turf field, used for open recreation, intramurals and club practices/games.

From this point, turn right and go straight down the hallway. At the Cardio Fitness Room lobby, turn left and continue to the main lobby. To exit the building, push on the gates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the Member Services Desk.