IMA Locker Rooms and Pool Renovation Project Update

Photography by Marissa Lordahl, Hoffman Construction Company

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Inclusive, accessible, and universal design are major tenets of this project. Check out how UW’s Office of the ADA Coordinator is celebrating Section 504 at 50 on campus this year.

The new locker rooms will include a variety of amenities featuring:

  • Cabanas
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilet rooms
  • Vanity areas
  • Overnight locker storage (free for UW Seattle matriculated students and $20 per quarter for all other rec members)

Our new 14-lane pool will include:

  • Numerous access points
  • Zero-entry (a shallow entryway into the pool)
  • Direct access to all three locker rooms
  • Large bench on the pool deck with floor-to-ceiling windows

In addition to the new amenities, we have also added a number of new icons to help you navigate the locker rooms and pool. These icons are located throughout the facility and provide information about the different areas.

Locker room & pool icons and their meaning

Universal Locker Room icon Universal Locker Room: Our universal locker rooms can be used universally by all members, regardless of who they are or how they may identify. These spaces are inclusive of members with disabilities, members of all gender identities, and any who wish for privacy for any number of reasons.
Cabana icon
Cabana: A private cabana with a shower, toilet, sink, and seating.
Changing room icon Changing Room: An individual changing room with seating.
Toilet room icon Toilet Room: An individual toilet stall.
Swimming room icon Swimming Pool: 14-lane pool with numerous access points.

What is IMA Locker Rooms and Pool Renovation Project?

UW Recreation is excited to introduce the IMA Locker Rooms and Pool Renovation Project! We value inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation and are pleased to announce that we will be remodeling the current locker rooms and expanding the IMA Pool.

Funding for this project comes from the students themselves through the Services & Activities Fee; we are grateful to them for investing in this project so that future students can enjoy all the benefits, programs, and amenities the IMA and UW Recreation have to offer!

This endeavor has been in the planning stages since 2017. We have polled previous users of the locker rooms, including students and members, to get their feedback on this project, and based on their input, we look forward to having this project launched in the fall of 2023!

The project will allow all people to change privately within our locker room setting comfortably, and we will be adding an entrance lounge area for patrons to enjoy before or after a workout. Small, basket-style lockers will be replaced with larger options which will allow users to store more of their clothing and gear while using the IMA, including day-use options throughout the facility (see exact locations below). These new spaces will be universally accessible. It will also fix some of the existing issues within our current locker rooms, such as water damage and aging infrastructure.

Find information on the proposed changes below, provided by the project renovation team Hoffman Construction Company and Opsis Architecture. You can submit a comment about this project at the bottom of the page.

While the IMA Locker Rooms and Pool remain closed through construction*:  There are limited amounts of day-use lockers available in the 2nd-floor hallway (as you head to Studio 216) and in the 3rd-floor hallway (as you head to Studio 316) and cell phone/wallet lockers in the 2nd-floor restroom alcove and 4th floor South alcove. Unfortunately, there are no showers available in the IMA Building during construction, and UW Recreation does not have an alternative shower location available on campus. Changing may occur in the available restroom stalls throughout the IMA Building.

*Construction timeline: We have finalized the design for this project and have added some updated design renderings below (construction photos will be added as we continue through the project). Locking down the construction completion timeline is an ongoing progress, and barring any setbacks, we anticipate this project will be completed Fall Quarter of 2023.

Project concepts and renderings (draft) – Fall 2021

Updated project renderings – Spring 2022

Construction Demo & Abatement – Fall 2022

Construction Pool Exterior & Locker Rooms – Spring 2023

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