Humans of Recreation

Discover new perspectives on UW Recreation offerings from participants

Woman driving a boat.

Krista Doersch, Union Bay Rowing Club Captain 2019-2020

I am not a morning person, but I realized the only reason I will get up early is to get out on the water. I joined the Union Bay Rowing Club because it seemed too good to be true. It was a super cheap and flexible commitment, and did not disappoint. While there have been plenty of mornings that I don’t go out to practice, I’m always glad to have the option to easily get in a boat and leave life on shore for a bit. It’s easy to be pretty insular in my program, so I’m also really glad to have a reason to leave that bubble.

Rowing is perfect for newcomers because no one learns at a young age. There will always be a learning curve, but odds are you’re not the only one. The novice phase doesn’t last that long. One can always improve, but as long as you move the boat forward, we can row together.

Krista is in her final year of masters in landscape architecture.

Rosie Augsburger, Fitness Coach

Re-rack your weights! Kidding aside, people should come to the IMA for the right reasons. I feel like they should be coming here not to focus just on physique but it should be about the relationships we have with ourselves. Working out is a form of self-care – you have to get to that mindset rather than self-determination, I guess? And I think patronizing UW Rec is a good way to find this balance. It’s a break that makes you feel good. Watching Netflix is fun, but it doesn’t make you feel good. Know what I mean? But coming to the IMA and finding something fun to do makes you feel good about yourself and even your life.

To the people that don’t want to come to the IMA or are too scared to come, just show up. People are nicer here than you think. You can take a tour of the place, it’s a big facility and it can be intimidating, but I think what people don’t understand is that we just kind of want to help each other. Even at the gym, people are just down to help each other.

Rosie is a senior studying education, communities and organizations.