Give big to UW Recreation today and help us provide accessible and dynamic recreation experiences for ALL Huskies.

Recreational activity and the ability to balance academics with physical engagement is paramount to the success of our students. Through our programs, students strive to build communities and experiences outside of the classroom, control stress levels, and set healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

Join us today by supporting one of the following Recreation Funds to help give Husky students from all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in dynamic UW Recreation programming.

Student Recreation Fund (STUREC)

Instructor taking a group fitness class.

UW Recreation wants every student to be able to join or participate in a recreational class, program, or activity. We also have an unwavering commitment to access for all students, and believe that socio-economic barriers should not prevent any student from participation.

Thanks to the support of the Student Recreation Fund, each quarter we ensure every student has the opportunity to apply for Recreation financial awards to make meaningful participation a reality.


Recreational Clubs Development Fund (RECSPO)

A bunch of boys playing a game.

UW Recreation has 40 affiliated RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) which comprise the Rec Club Program.  While each Rec Club receives an annual allocation from the Department to help offset expenses, this allocation does not generally cover all of the costs associated with club operations.

Thanks to the support of the RECSPO Development Fund, many clubs are able to counter the need for student members to bear the brunt of operational costs, thus greatly increasing accessibility to the Club.

You can find more info, including ways to donate to your favorite Rec Club, on our Club Donation page.

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Thank you for your support!


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