Recreation Green Team

The Recreation Green Team was established on April 22, 2012 to reduce the waste of resources, educate employees, and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices at the IMA Building and the other Recreation facilities and outdoor spaces. UW Recreation maintains a silver-level UW Green Office Certification. Here are some of the Recreation Green Team accomplishments:

  • Started a volunteer-led composting program that has been implemented in the IMA, Golf Range, and Waterfront Activities Center. This is now maintained department wide by the custodial team.
  • Started a volunteer-led bottle cap recycling program.
  • Had the building’s vending machine lights turned off.
  • Transitioned to using green cleaning supplies in the staff kitchen areas.
  • Exchanged plastic laundry bags with mesh washable and reusable bags.
  • Transitioned to using green office supplies.
  • Transitioned to using compostable utensils and kitchen paper products.
  • Set printer settings that default to double sided, black ink printing.
  • Reducing paper reports and printing them only when appropriate.
  • Started a volunteer-led plastic film and Styrofoam recycling program.
  • Switched to the MiniMax waste collection system in all the offices.
  • Started paper towel composting in all restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Added mixed recycle bins located next to all landfill bins in the common areas of our facilities.
  • Added mixed recycle bins located next to all landfill bins at our outdoor facilities.
  • Donated shoes to Redeeming Soles, donate clothing and/or toiletries to Teen Feed, Rainier House, and Byrd Barr Place, and donate sports equipment to a local Boys & Girls Club.
  • The IMA was a Pronto! Bike Share station until the program closed in March 2017.

Sustainability Efforts at the IMA Building

  • Flow restrictive shower heads are used in all showers to conserve energy and reduce water consumption (changed in 2001 from 4-5 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons per minute commercial shower heads).
  • Signs are posted to promote short showers to save energy and to conserve water.
  • The amount of light used in the Husky Stadium for Rec programs has been reduced. Energy consumption has been reduced by about 67%.
  • The south tennis court lights were replaced in 2001, reducing energy consumption by 50% or more. Lights are only turned on when needed.
  • Domestic hot water temperature was reduced throughout the IMA from 130° to 120°.
  • IMA Cardio/Fitness Room 212 is on light sensors during daylight, reducing energy consumption by 33%.
  • IMA Studios 216 & 316 are controlled by light sensors during daylight hours, reducing energy consumption by 50%.
  • IMA perimeter lighting at the jogging track has been reduced during daylight hours.
  • All IMA exterior perimeter lights including the bicycle storage area are on photo cells and lights are now on only for safety during evening hours.
  • Lights in the IMA international squash courts (4) are on motion sensors and power up only when needed to play.
  • IMA Field #1 and #3 outdoor lighting is divided into zones to allow partial lighting of the field depending on field use needs.
  • Crags Climbing Center lights were upgraded to reduce usage by 20%.
  • All lights in the IMA gyms were changed from Metal Halide to LED, extending the life of the lights by 10 years.
  • All lights in the IMA Racquetball and Squash courts were changed from Mercury Vapor to LED, extending the life of the lights by 10 years.
  • All lights in the Pavilion Pool were replaced with LED, extending the life of the lights by 10 years.
  • The exterior lights located on the overhang of the expansion have been upgraded to LED.
  • All urinals in the IMA are low flow.
  • Ten percent of the light fixtures in the IMA Men’s Locker Room have been permanently turned off.
  • Custodial staff turn off activity area lights after cleaning each evening.
  • Tennis court lights are only turned on when needed. They are monitored via CCTV camera and turned off after use.
  • IMA offices and workrooms have dimmer switches that can be used to reduce consumption.
  • UW Salmon-Safe Certification.
  • Motion sensors were installed in all the gyms in the IMA to regulate the light usage.
  • First Aid uses compostable gloves.
  • Biodegradable gym wipes are used for cleaning fitness equipment.

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