eGC1 Overview

The System to Administer Grants Electronically (SAGE) is an internal UW web-based compliance and approval routing system for sponsored grant applications and Non-Award Agreements (NAA). Review details on when an eGC1 is required.

In the University of Washington’s grant lifecycle, you would use SAGE during the Application phase, and to manage subawards.

The eGC1 (electronic Grant and Contract form) is a required online UW form. It summarizes information about your grant application and routes it electronically for review and approval before submission to the sponsor.

There are 4 stages to an eGC1 application:

  1. The PI and/or Research Administrator on the research team prepare the eGC1.
  2. The application routes to campus reviewers to review and approve.
  3. The application is Ready to Submit and reaches a status of In OSP at least 3 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline. This allows sufficient time  for OSP to review and approve application.
  4. OSP approves the application and submits it to the sponsor.

The following articles in this guide explain how to access SAGE with the appropriate ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) roles, and how to complete your eGC1 and route it for approval.