Known Issues

Chrome and Attachment Names with Commas

Issue: If the file you attach to your eGC1 contains a comma in its name, you will have a problem opening it in Chrome.

Workaround: Rename the file before attaching to eliminate this issue, or if already attached, use a different browser to view the file.

Global Edit ASTRA Role may limit PI, Personnel & Organizations page changes

A user with the Global Edit role who adds personnel to an existing eGC1 may then not be able to delete the added person.


Access the eGC1 from the Approvals tab, and then give yourself Read/Write access to the application on the Contact & Access page. Close out of the eGC1, and switch over to the eGC1 Forms tab. Open the eGC1 from there and re-try deleting the person.

Providing a fix to the Global Role will be considered for a future SAGE project.

No Authorization Page Displays but User Has Access

If a user has logged into a non-SAGE application that requires authentication (such as financial applications) with a generic or group NetID, and then attempts to access SAGE, they may see the “Whoops!” authorization page.

The clue to the issue is that the user’s name will not appear in the SAGE page header.


To resolve this, the user can either use a separate browser for SAGE or they can close all browser windows and re-open to clear the earlier credentials.

Problem with PI if incorrect budget linked to eGC1

If the PI is changed on an eGC1 as a result of accidentally connecting an incorrect budget to an eGC1, the original PI is not reverted back when the budget is disconnected. Follow the steps below to put the correct PI in place.


Steps to display the current PI in SAGE:

  1. Create a new standard eGC1
  2. Add a Full Title (Details page)
  3. Add the correct PI (PI & Personnel page)
  4. Link to the Budget for the Budget/eGC1 group that needs correction (Budget page)
  5. Disconnect the Budget
  6. Return to My eGC1s page to verify who is now listed as PI
  7. Optionally, delete the eGC1 just created

Global Edit ASTRA Role limits Approval Graph changes

A user with the Global Edit role does not see the Add Approver, Add Watcher, or Add Comments links on the Approval Graph. Even if she adds herself onto a specific eGC1 with R/W access, she still can’t change the graph.


A reviewer for the Org Code Receiving Funding or the PI Units can still add an approver/watcher/comments to the approval graph. Owners can also add nodes to the graph. Where necessary, the ORIS Help Desk staff can imitate an application owner to add reviewers.

Providing a fix to the Global Role will be considered for a future SAGE project.