Post-Approval Personnel Changes

Once OSP approves the eGC1, this section will display the change history for Personnel on the eGC1.

post-approval personnel changes section

The following changes are included:

  • A person is added or deleted
  • A person’s role changes
  • A person’s investigator status changes

You can make these changes on the eGC1 or through the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS). Note that you can only change the PI from the the eGC1. If you change the PI, you will see a warning message with a reminder to contact OSP if sponsor approval is required.

When you copy an eGC1, the Personnel Changes section of the original eGC1 is not included.

For each change, the following information is displayed:

  • The Name and employee ID of the person whose information has changed
  • The Role Type of the person prior to the change
  • The name of the individual who made the change (Entered by)
  • The Date and time of the change
  • The Action Taken
    • Added to eGC1
    • Deleted from eGC1
    • Investigator status change from <old value> to <new value>
    • Role changed from <old value> to <new value>
    • SFI value changed from <old value> to <new value>
    • Indicated current participation (this change would be made from within FIDS)