Data & Technology

Use this section to indicate if and how specific types of information and technologies will be involved in the project so that reviewers can determine if special guidelines or restrictions apply. Contact for guidance on export control limitations related to sharing of data and technology. For information about the Washington Innovation Advantage Program (WIAP), visit the CoMotion site or contact with further questions.

As with other eGC1 pages, you can partially complete your entries and save the eGC1. You must complete the required fields before you route your eGC1 for approval.

Select Start Section to open the section initially, and then Edit Section to add or update existing data.

D-1. Does this project involve any of the following?

Answer: Check all that apply:

  • Proprietary Information
  • Export Controlled/Controlled Unclassified Information
  • Classified Information
  • Other Sensitive Information (Excludes personal or patient information)
  • None of the above

You must make at least one selection. If “None of the above” is selected, the system will clear any other boxes that were checked.

D1-A displays if for D-1 you select any value other than “None of the above”

D-1A.  Will this information be shared with foreign nationals in the United States or abroad (including UW faculty, staff, or students)?

Answer: Yes or No

Note: U.S. Permanent Residents are not considered foreign nationals. The actual country of citizenship/residency of foreign nationals is not required at this time.

D1-B displays if for D-1 you select “Other Sensitive Information (Excludes personal or patient information)”

D1-B. Please describe the other sensitive information

D-2. Is this project intended to assist any foreign country’s military or space activities?

Answer: Yes or No

D-2A displays if D-2 = Yes

D-2A. Please describe.

D-3. As far as you know, will the sponsor require approval prior to foreign national participation or prior to publication of the research results of this project?

Answer: Yes or No

D-4. Will the project involve travel to or collaboration with a person or entity in a sanctioned country (e.g., Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria)?

Answer: Yes or No

Question T-1 displays if the Sponsor Type and/or Originating Sponsor Type (as indicated on the Details page) is one of the following:

  • Private Industry
  • Private School, College, University
  • Foreign Private Industry

T-1. Does the Sponsor wish to obtain an upfront commercial license to Project Intellectual Property (IP) based on the pricing under the Washington Innovation Advantage Program (WIAP)?

Answer: Yes, No, or Unknown