Connect a SAGE Budget


  • For Grant Runner users, read about the Sponsor Budget Map page for syncing your SAGE Budget data to the RR Detailed Budget form of your Grant Runner application.
  • Read about Multiple eGC1s Linked to a Budget to learn how changes to the PI and other personnel will affect your linked eGC1s.
  • Review the SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data page to learn how contacts and people assigned access on your eGC1 and its connected SAGE Budget are combined on a shared access page.

From this page, you can connect a budget you created in SAGE Budget to your eGC1. Any time you update the connected budget, the changes will automatically appear on the eGC1 budget page, so the information is always current.

  1. Select Connect a Budget to display the Choose Budget window.
  2. Enter your search value, and then click SearchNote: Budget ID is the default field used to search. Use the drop-down menu to select a different option (title, PI last name, sponsor name, etc.).
    E G C one budget chooser
  3. From the Budget Search Results, locate your budget and click Select at the far right.
  4. Select the period of the budget you want to connect with your eGC1. Note: You can only connect one budget period to an eGC1. See below for reasons why your budget period may not be available.
    E G C one budget select period dialog
  5. If you are submitting a new application or competing renewal, be sure to include the Budget Total Column. This will display the totals for all periods on the eGC1 Budget page. If you choose not to include the totals, then on the eGC1 Budget page just the Total (All Periods) column will display the values from the selected period.
  6. Select Apply to eGC1 to connect your budget to the eGC1. Any updates you or other users make to the budget will automatically display in your connected eGC1.

When you select a budget period, the system imports all the data from your budget worksheet and from any sub-budget worksheets into your eGC1 for that period. SAGE does not import certain types of information from a budget to an eGC1:

  • Org code receiving funding
  • Personnel
  • Budget period dates
  • non-standard (customized) base information

SAGE also does not validate that these budget values match the ones in the connected eGC1. If the information does not match, OSP will use the eGC1 as the system of record.

Budget period availability: There are three possible reasons why a budget period may not be available for connection:

  • You may have already connected it to another eGC1. You can only connect a budget period to one eGC1.
  • You must connect Budget periods in a linear fashion. You cannot connect a budget period to an eGC1 if you have already connected any following period to an eGC1.
  • You may have connected a previous budget period to an eGC1 which OSP has not yet approved. You must wait until OSP has approved the connected eGC1 before you can connect a subsequent budget period to a new eGC1.

Once you connect your budget, you will see two additional links:

  • The budget’s number and title. Click this to open the budget worksheet in a separate browser window or tab.
  • Disconnect the budget link

E G C one connected budget link

  • When the SAGE Budget is disconnected, you will have the option to retain or delete the data in the eGC1 Budget page and the RR Detailed Budget form.  If you choose to retain the data, the RR Detailed Budget form will become editable.

E G C one disconnecting a budget

When a budget is connected to an eGC1, the budget is not editable while the eGC1 is in Routing or In OSP status. When the eGC1 is Approved, the version of the budget at that point is captured. The approved version of the budget can be viewed from the eGC1 Attached Documents page or History & Comments page, or from the Budget’s History page.

Post-Approval, the budget once again becomes editable which allows you to update a multi-year budget from the proposed values to the awarded ones to help plan for future project periods. The link on the eGC1 budget page will open the current version of the connected budget.