Additional Organizational Unit Reviewers

The Approval Graph for an application is based on:

  1. The division (if applicable), department and dean’s levels of the Organization Code Receiving Funding
  2. The selected org code and/or primary position unit and dean organizational code for all of the research personnel
  3. Some compliance questions (for example, Animal Care)

Use the Additional Organizational Unit Reviewers section if this application requires the approval of any additional organizations (not identified by the above three categories) for:

  • Joint Appointment Units
  • TBA Personnel Units
  • Space and/or Resources
  • Other (for example: CoMotion)

Note: Only add those units not already represented on the approval graph.

You must add at least the Organization Code Receiving Funding, on the Details page, and the PI before SAGE can generate a draft approval graph. When that is done, you will see a “View draft approval graph” link below and to the right of this section. The graph will update as you add additional reviewers.

Select Look Up Organization Code (or Add another Organization Code) at the bottom left of this section to add the Organizational Code Number and Name. You must then select the appropriate Approval Rule Type from the drop-down menu and add Comments.

The following image shows an example of an added organization for a joint appointment.

E G C one additional organizational unit reviewers

Use the Delete link to the right of the added organization to remove it from the list. The system will prompt you for a confirmation of the delete.