Equipment & Materials

Use this section to provide information about tangible items involved in a project, such as equipment and biological materials. This information helps reviewers understand export control and budgetary implications as well as informing protections that need to be in place for any sharing of tangible items outside UW. Contact Equipment Inventory Office with specific questions about fabricating equipment, or email for guidance on export controls.

As with other eGC1 pages, you can partially complete your entries and save the eGC1. You must complete the required fields before you route your eGC1 for approval.

Select Start Section to open the section initially, and then Edit Section to add or update existing data.

E-1. Will equipment be fabricated by the UW on this project?

Answer: Yes or No

Note: if the fabrication is being performed entirely by a non-UW entity (that is, a subcontractor), answer “No”.

E-2. Will the project involve the export of hardware, equipment, specimens, goods, software or monies?  (excludes personal-use laptops)

Answer: Yes, No, or Unknown

Note: Answer “No” for personal-use laptops unless the laptop contains any military or space technical data, or if the only international transactions are for travel expenses.

E-2A displays if E-2 = Yes

E-2A. Describe the items/materials

Answer: enter a description


E-2B displays if E-2 = Yes

E-2B. Add one or more destination countries

Answer: search for by name, and select the appropriate countries

M-1. Will University-owned biological materials be provided to non-UW parties, including sponsor?

Answer: Yes or No

Note: Materials include (but are not limited to) cell lines, cultures, bacteria, nucleotides, proteins, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals.