Permanently Withdrawn

If you have an eGC1 that started routing, but you decide not to submit it to the sponsor, you can change its status to Permanently Withdrawn.

Updating your eGC1 to Permanently Withdrawn allows you to filter your tasklist to exclude these items. 

To make the change, the eGC1 needs to be in Withdrawn or Returned status. Look on the left navigation menu for the Permanently Withdraw link. It displays after the “Save & Close this eGC1” link.

Note: If your eGC1 has a child Funding Action, the link will not display in the left navigation menu.

left navigation menu showing permanently withdraw link

Click on this link to open the Permanently Withdraw pop-up window, as seen in the image below.

e G C 1 Permanently Withdraw pop-up window

Note:  Make this status change only if you no longer plan to submit the eGC1 to the sponsor. Once you make the eGC1 Permanently Withdrawn, it will be read-only. You will be able to copy it, but not edit it.  You will not be able to reverse the status change. If needed, you can contact OSP and request they change the eGC1’s status.

Application Details

This section will list a few identifying pieces of information:

    • Application Number
    • Short Title
    • PI Name
    • Org Code Receiving Funding
    • Sponsor Name


This is a required field. Use it to explain why you are moving this eGC1 to this status.

Permanently Withdraw

Click this button to complete the process of changing the eGC1’s status.  The system will add an entry to the History & Comments page indicating who made the status change, when it was made, and showing the entered notes.


Click this link to cancel the status change and return to your eGC1.