eGC1 Subcontracts

You will need to list separately each institution subcontracting with the UW in this section. The object code for subcontracts is 03-62. This is displayed automatically by SAGE. (Do not include subcontract amounts in the 03 totals of the eGC1 Budget section above.)

E G C one subcontracts sectionNames must be unique; if listing more than one subcontract with the same institution, differentiate them (e.g., “UCLA 1”, “UCLA 2”). Calculate and enter the appropriate amounts for each subcontract.

Use the Add Subcontract link to save the current entry and add another row.

Use the Delete link to remove a row.

SAGE calculates and displays the Subcontracts Subtotal amounts based on the entries in the Subcontracts table. You will also see the subtotal of all subcontracts for the first budget period and the total for all budget periods.

See the financial system Object Codes, and GIM 7 Sponsored Program Subaward Administration for more details.