Application Summary

You can access this read-only summary of the eGC1 from within the eGC1 or from the Approval Flow pages.  It is designed to assist approvers by presenting essential approval-related information on a single page.

For a comprehensive view of all data on the entire eGC1, go to the Approval Flow page and select View eGC1.  A preview screen will appear which you can view online or printe.

The Application Details section includes:

  • eGC1 Number: the system-generated unique number for the application
  • Long Title (Full Application Title)
  • Short Title: identifies the project in the financial system
  • Last completed timestamp
  • Requested Start Date
  • Requested End Date
  • Sponsor deadline: The last date the sponsor will accept the application
  • Application Type: New, Competing Renewal, etc.
  • Sponsor Name
  • Originating (Prime) Sponsor, if applicable
  • Org Code Receiving Funding: The ten-digit code for the unit managing the funding

The Principal Investigator section displays the name of the PI.

The Activity Locations section displays the list of locations where the research activities will occur. The values listed are: Name, Source, Location Type, and Rent Charged to Sponsor.

The Space Planning section displays the response to the question on the Activity Locations page.

The International Involvement section displays the response to the question on the Activity Locations page.

The Budget & Fiscal Compliance section includes:

  • The responses to the three Fiscal Compliance questions
  • F&A (Facilities & Administration) Cost Rate
  • A table of costs for the current budget period and the total for all periods for:
    • Total direct costs
    • Total F&A costs
    • Total costs

The Cost Sharing section displays the total cost sharing for all periods. This includes all amounts from UW sources (personnel and non-personnel), third party sources, and unrecovered indirect costs. It also shows the UW Summary by Unit information from the Cost Sharing page.

The Compliance Questions section lists each of the Non-Fiscal Compliance areas with a value of Yes or No.  The value is Yes if any questions within that section are answered “yes”.

The eGC1 Campus Comments section displays what was entered in the Additional Information section of the Certify & Route page of the eGC1.