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October 16, 2012

Marriage, education can help improve well-being of adults abused as children

Researchers investigating the long-term consequences of child abuse have identified some protective factors that can improve the health of victims during their adulthood.


October 15, 2012

Three School of Public Health faculty members elected to Institute of Medicine

The new UW members have worked in many fields, including pharmaceutical outcomes research, cancer prevention, biostatstics, global health, and emergency preparedness.

UW ‘white-hat hacker’ searches for security holes

October 12, 2012

U.S. fish and wildlife director, a UW alum, considers challenges posed by landscape changes

It’s time to think differently about how we interact with nature because we’re increasingly disconnected from the natural world, said Dan Ashe during visit to campus.


Maria Klawe, national leader promoting women in science and technology, speaks Tuesday at UW

Maria Klawe, professor of computer science and president of Harvey Mudd College, will speak Tuesday at the UW about how her institution over three years quadrupled its female representation in undergraduate computer science majors, to 40 percent.

October 11, 2012

UW research ranks fourth among world universities

Rankings released by National Taiwan University places the UW fourth among the world’s universities and first among American public universities in scientific research.


Documents that Changed the World: The AIDS Memorial Quilt

Can a quilt be a document? Certainly, says Joe Janes in his podcast about the AIDS Memorial Quilt — the latest in his series called Documents that Changed the World.

Mug handles could help hot plasma give lower-cost, controllable fusion energy

New hardware lets engineers maintain the plasma used in fusion reactors in an energy-efficient, stable manner, making the system potentially attractive for use in fusion power plants.

Arts Roundup: Music, art, theater — and the Chamber Dance Company

The Chamber Dance Company’s 2012 concert, Oct. 11-14 in Meany Hall, highlights a busy week in UW arts.

Molecular engineering is focus of College of Engineering’s fall lectures

Three public lectures by UW engineering professors will give an overview of molecular engineering and applications in biotech and alternative energy.

October 10, 2012

Former bank robber studies law at UW

Boys raise nearly $10,000 to help UW prof save chambered nautilus

October 8, 2012

‘Food deserts’ abound in King County for those without cars, UW study shows

King County has no substantial food deserts, provided one has a car. Take away the car, however, and food deserts — areas where low-income people have limited access to low-cost, nutritious food — appear to fill the county map. New research from the University of Washington, published in the American Journal of Public Health, shows…

News Digest: Fair Labor exec speaks tonight, help plant trees Oct. 18

Fair Labor Association exec speaks tonight || Volunteers sought to plant 75 native trees next Thursday on Montlake Cut

Who’s in charge inside your head?

October 5, 2012

At-home kidney dialysis now a real option, UW study shows

October 4, 2012

Arts Roundup: Art, dance, operatic arias — and the Jazz Faculty Showcase

Expect big big band classics, standards and more when UW jazz faculty members perform together Oct. 10 at Benaroya Hall.

Misconduct is a major factor in retracted research

New UW research shows that 2,047 research papers that have been retracted since 1977, misconduct—blatantly falsified data or data manipulation— was the cause in 41 percent of the cases.

Charity Fair Oct. 10 launches UW Combined Fund Drive

The UW Combined Fund Drive kicks off Oct. 10. Last year’s drive raised more than $2 million — an institution record.

October 3, 2012

UW ranked 24th in the world in new study

The University of Washington was ranked 24th best university in the world and the fourth-ranked American public university in The Times Higher Education Rankings

‘Pivotal Tuesdays’: Historian Margaret O’Mara examines key presidential elections

Margaret O’Mara, associate professor of history, will explore crucial 20th century presidential races in four public lectures through October called “Pivotal Tuesdays: Four Presidential Elections That Made History.”

October 2, 2012

Sticky paper offers cheap, easy solution for paper-based diagnostics

Global health researchers are working on cheap systems like a home-based pregnancy test that might work for malaria, diabetes or other diseases. A new chemical technique makes medically interesting molecules stick to regular paper — a possible route to building such paper-based diagnostics from paper you could buy at an office-supply store.

News Digest: Fish and Wildlife director speaks Oct. 3, Rideshare options in face of bus cuts

Fish and Wildlife director, a UW alum, speaks Oct. 3 || UW Rideshare options in face of Metro bus route cuts


UW scientists team with Coast Guard to explore ice-free Arctic Ocean

UW scientists are teaming with the U.S. Coast Guard to study the new frontier in the Arctic Ocean opened up with the melting ice.


‘A-game’ strategies for parents, coaches in youth sports

Parents typically are the biggest headaches for coaches in youth sports. In two new books, UW psychology professors share strategies to help parents and coaches work together to help kids get more out of sports.

October 1, 2012

UW Libraries aims to preserve historic athletics footage

Among voters lacking strong party preferences, Obama faces 20 percent handicap due to race bias

Race biases are having a strong anti-Obama effect among the least politically partisan voters, according to a study by Anthony Greenwald, a UW psychology professor.

News Digest: Rainfall rivalry, talk by Japanese ambassador

Friendly competition pits Washington volunteer rainfall observers against Oregon || Japanese ambassador to U.S. to speak at UW

UW composer fills arboretum byways with her ‘Music of Trees’

A UW doctoral student in musical composition uses sounds from the Washington Park Arboretum to create music that’s part natural, part imagined.


September 28, 2012

Duplex-sequencing method could lead to better cancer detection and treatment

Two young UW researchers sought to reduce the error rate in DNA sequencing to better pinpoint cells that are mutating.

Documents that Changed the World: The Internet Protocol, 1981

It’s a global communication platform to some and just “a series of tubes” to others, but there’s no question the Internet was revolutionary. But how exactly does it work, and how did it get started?

News Digest: Poplar rates LEED gold, molecular engineering doc airs tomorrow, next flu shot clinic Oct. 15

LEED gold rating for student residence Poplar Hall || Molecular engineering and science documentary airs tomorrow || Next flu shot clinic Oct. 15 at UW Tower


Montlake Boulevard detours start Friday evening

Part of Montlake Boulevard will be down to one lane starting 7 p.m. Friday and will be completely closed from 2 p.m. Saturday until the early morning hours of Monday.


September 27, 2012

Dynamics of DNA packaging helps regulate heart formation

Findings suggest new ways to study controls of early human development, causes of birth defects, and regeneration of damaged tissue.

Arts Roundup: Exhibits, music, dance — and valuing live versus digital

School of Drama lectures explore the value of live performance in a digital world — plus faculty art at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and a new exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery.

Browser plug-in helps people balance their political news reading habits

As the U.S. presidential election approaches, many voters become voracious consumers of online political news. A new tool tracks whether all those articles really provide a balanced view of the debate – and, if not, suggests some sites that offer opinions from the other side of the political spectrum.

State Supreme Court campaign shows race still matters

September 26, 2012

Singing whales and Noah’s flood: Summer stories you may have missed

From reports on new planets to singing whales, American megachurches and ethical computer hacking, UW News and Information published some interesting stories during the summer.

Treasure trove of restricted social science data now available to Pacific Northwest researchers

The newly-opened Northwest Census Research Data Center in the University District will provide qualified researchers with access to restricted data.

The ‘grand duchess of jellyfish’ and her research

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