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UW Today submission guidelines

UW Today is a daily email newsletter sent to staff, faculty and others in the community who sign up to receive it.

All submitted items must have a story or event to link to. For events, a calendar listing on the UW Trumba calendar is sufficient. (This is the “permalink” at the bottom of the calendar item.)

Content guidelines

The UW Today newsletter is primarily focused on story-based content as opposed to program-based content, as well as events that have broad community interest and appeal. Due to the overwhelming number of alumni stories, we don’t typically include them in UW Today. Please reach out to Karen Chilcote of UWAA with your alumni stories.


Events should be open to the public and either involve a UW faculty member and/or be hosted by a unit on campus (virtual or in-person). They don’t need to be free, but that is preferred. When submitting an event, specify your “run-by” date as the date you wish the event to appear in the email. If you have an RSVP deadline, the run-by date should be before that.


Submissions can include stories by internal units or external news media. All stories must appeal to the broader campus community.


Internal stories typically live on a UW unit’s website. These stories need a photo — horizontal is required (600×358 ratio preferred). For accessibility reasons, we prefer to run photos without embedded text.


External stories are typically shared via the “IN THE NEWS” section of the email, which highlights where UW researchers are quoted in the media. These items must relate to the individual’s work here at the UW and come from reputable news sources.


UW News staff may edit your proposed headline for length, style and clarity. Photos might also be cropped or changed depending on available context. In rare cases, UW News staff might reach out to ask for small revisions to your content (i.e. accessibility improvements, additional context for photos, etc.)

Submitting an item

Please use this form to submit an item for UW Today.

Depending on how much content we have in any given week, your item might not appear in the UW Today email for 5 to 7 business days. Please let us know in the form’s “Any additional comments” section if there’s a news peg (an event, holiday, etc.) that makes your item more timely.

Other questions?

Email UW News.