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For nearly one hundred years, the University of Washington Press has served the university, the local community, and students and scholars around the globe. We publish groundbreaking scholarly work in many fields as well as important books that illuminate the history and cultures of the Pacific Northwest. As a nonprofit publisher, our mission is to develop and produce books based on value and impact rather than solely on commercial success. We develop many of our titles in partnership with museums, cultural organizations, and Indigenous communities. We host scores of readings and other events each year at libraries and bookstores across the region and beyond. Our books encourage discovery, inspire curiosity, and challenge readers to explore the world around them.

New Subject Brochures and Catalogs
We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Soden-Trueblood Graduate Fellowship and the 2019-20 Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship! Please follow the links for details.