Study Abroad

Program Wrap-up

Grade Submission

About one week before your program ends, UW Study Abroad will send you a grade report form, populated with your students’ names and student numbers. You will add your contact information, the course information, and numerical grades. You will send the completed grade report form to UW Study Abroad via a drop box link that we will email to you. When opening the grade report spreadsheet, be sure you are on the tab entitled “Grade Report.”

Following the same schedule for classes taught on campus, grades are due to UW Study Abroad by the first Monday after the end of the quarter in which the program was offered. All coursework and assignments from your study abroad program must be completed within the quarter the students are enrolled. There are no exceptions to this rule. Credit and grade submission affect students’ registration, financial aid status and graduation date.

Students must receive credits and grades for all the courses offered on the program. Course numbers must be valid and approved by the sponsoring department for the quarter in which the program is offered. For information about “incomplete” reporting options, please visit the UW Grading System website.

Student Evaluations

Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate your program using an online survey. The survey will be emailed directly to students within the final few weeks of the program and they will have until the grade reporting deadline to complete the evaluation. UW Study Abroad will share the results of the evaluation with program directors via an online link after grades have been reported.

Program Director Report

Upon return we will ask you to complete a brief survey that covers your experience working with UW Study Abroad, the management of any incidents that occurred, and any general feedback you wish to share. We will send you the link to this survey once we have compiled your program evaluations and we are ready to send those evaluations to you. This report is an opportunity for program directors to give UW Study Abroad a constructive assessment of things that worked well versus things that could have been done differently. This report is extremely useful as a means of evaluation for departmental chairs, deans and UW Study Abroad. It is also a great opportunity for program directors to reflect on their experience abroad and help determine the direction of future programming.