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Options for graduate students

Depending on learning goals, UW graduate students can participate in faculty-led programs, exchanges, international internships or independent learning.

Fieldworks, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA)

Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA) allows students to engage globally while maintaining student status and receiving international travel security coverage.

Our Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA) program, formerly known as “Independent Learning Abroad”, allows students to undertake degree-related international travel (whether for credit or not) while being fully enrolled at UW, covered by insurance abroad, and supported by UW Global Travel Health & Safety to ensure their health & safety.


University and departmental exchanges

Enrollment at a UW partner university for study or research provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a different academic culture, create connections with experts in your field of study, and gain access to libraries and other new sources of information to aid in your research. We encourage you to link to a university partner strong in your discipline or where the research conducted by its faculty matches your interests. To begin, discuss your objectives with your faculty adviser in your department and ask for their opinions about universities to target or if there are other UW faculty with whom you should consult; it may be that your adviser has knowledge about the reputations of particular partner university programs or colleagues at those universities to whom you can connect. You can also meet with a UW Study Abroad Adviser to help you narrow and connect to options.

For more information, visit the Exchanges page.

UW programs

UW offers many faculty-led study abroad programs each year. While the majority of these are focused on undergraduates, graduate students are invited to participate. Email the study abroad program director to ask if the program you are interested in can accommodate graduate credit. If it does, you can submit an application through the UW Study Abroad website.

TA positions

If you are interested to teach abroad, connect with UW faculty leading programs study abroad. Each year, UW Faculty-led Programs hires a small number of teaching assistants to help staff programs. Contact your department to ask if it plans to run any study abroad programs. Timing your inquiry with the UW Faculty-led proposal due date (August 31 and October 31 annually) is strategic, as it is when faculty make decisions about support staff.