Study Abroad

Study abroad registration

Registration process

The registration process for study abroad is different from the UW registration process for on-campus studies. You will not register yourself in courses at the UW for the quarter or term you are out of the country. Instead, UW Study Abroad will enroll you.

If you register for UW courses on your own you will be charged UW tuition in addition to the UW Study Abroad fees.

If you will be a full time student abroad, we will enroll you in a 12-credit placeholder course called FSTDY 300. This course number will remain on your student registration account for the duration of your study abroad program. Even though you may ultimately earn more than 12 credits for your program, you will only see the 12 credit course (minimum full-time enrollment) on your MyUW account while abroad. Your actual courses and credits will be reported upon completion of your program. Note: if you participate in a short-term program, UW Study Abroad will enroll you in FSTDY credits for the actual number of credits you are expected to earn (e.g. 5, 6, or 8-credits).

UW Study Abroad cannot enroll you in the placeholder course if you have a hold on your account for any reason or if you have not completed your enrollment tasks such as purchasing study abroad insurance, completing orientation, etc.

Benefits of Study Abroad Registration

Registration in FSTDY 300 allows you to remain active as a UW student during your studies abroad.

You will:

  • Remain enrolled at the UW during your period of study abroad
  • Maintain your financial aid and scholarship eligibility
  • Earn regular, graded UW credit while abroad
  • Continue deferment of any school-related loans
  • Satisfy residency requirements for graduation

You will not, however, be eligible to use the IMA, Hall Health, or purchase a U-PASS during the quarters that you study abroad.

Requirements for Study Abroad Registration

In order for UW Study Abroad to be able to enroll you for your program, you must complete the Checklist in your online study abroad account.

These tasks include:

  • Submitting your payment contract electronically to UW Study Abroad – the contract is due three weeks after you are accepted to the program
  • Completing the online UW Study Abroad pre-departure orientation
  • Purchasing the UW Student Abroad Insurance for the duration of your program and entering your policy number into your application
  • Inputting the following into your application:
    • passport number
    • emergency contacts
    • travel dates
  • Completing the online health survey

Note: if you are participating in an early fall Exploration Seminar, you must register for at least 10 credits when you return to campus autumn quarter. 

Due Dates

The Checklist in your study abroad application must be completed by the following dates based on the term in which you are departing.

Early Fall Autumn Winter Spring Break Spring Summer
June 1 August 1 November 15 December 15 February 15 May 1

Once you complete the study abroad registration requirements, UW Study Abroad will register you for the FSTDY placeholder course. Again, you do not need to register yourself for your study abroad program. Our office will not notify you with a registration confirmation, so you will need to check your MyUW to confirm that you have been registered.

Verification Letters

If you need verification of full-time student status while abroad for insurance, visas, scholarship, on-campus housing or other purposes, you can request an Enrollment Verification Letter by clicking here.

Registering for your returning quarter at UW

If you will return to the UW the quarter immediately following your study abroad, your status as a UW student will not be interrupted. Students are not required to be enrolled during summer quarter to maintain status. You will register yourself (through the normal MyUW process) for the returning quarter while you are abroad.  Remember to take into account time zone differences. You may wish to ask a friend or family member to assist you with this process.

If your classification status (e.g. junior or senior standing) at the UW will change based upon your credits earned while abroad and you need your class standing adjusted for pre-registration purposes, please email with the anticipated number of credits that you will complete by the end of your study abroad.

Note: if you are participating in an early fall Exploration Seminar, you must register for at least 10 credits when you return to campus autumn quarter.