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Credit conversion

As long as you complete all post-decision requirements and registration materials prior to your departure, you were enrolled by our office in an FSTDY 300 placeholder course. Upon your return, this course will be converted to regular UW resident credits (as opposed to transfer credits), which will reflect the actual course names and numbers that you completed during your study abroad program.

It is important to note that all grades earned abroad will be transferred to your UW transcript, regardless of the final mark or need for credit, and will be calculated into your UW grade point average.

View our Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Evaluation Forms.

Credit conversion process

The credit conversion process will vary depending on the type of study abroad program that you attended.  See the sections below for details on credit conversion for your program type. Please note that our office is unable to convert your credits until all of the courses taken abroad have been assigned a UW course equivalent.

You should complete the credit conversion process by the end of the quarter following your study abroad experience You will not be able to graduate with FTSDY 300/303 on your transcript. If you will be receiving Federal Financial Aid for the year after your study abroad program, it will be put on hold if your credits are not converted in a timely manner.

For more information on specific credit conversion processes, see below:

When students return

  1. Have an electronic copy of your official transcript directly emailed to UW Study Abroad ( after you complete the term(s) abroad. Official transcripts can also be electronically shared with UW Study Abroad.
    UW Study Abroad also accepts a physical copy of an official transcript. An official transcript must be mailed directly to the following mailing address.

    UW Study Abroad

    459 Schmitz Hall   1410 NE Campus Parkway
    Box 355815  Seattle, WA 98195-5815

  2. After receiving your transcript, our office will prepare an electronic Credit Evaluation Form, offering a preliminary evaluation of the number of credits and grades for each course, using country/university-specific grading scales. We will send you an email once this form is ready, usually within a week of receiving the foreign transcript. Refer to the section below for details on the Credit Evaluation Form.
  3. You will share your Credit Evaluation Form – along with course syllabi and coursework completed while abroad – to the appropriate UW departments in order to have UW equivalent courses assigned to each foreign course.
  4. Once all courses have been assigned UW course numbers, you will submit the Credit Evaluation Form online and we will add the credits to your UW transcript, usually within one week of receipt of the completed online form.

Some important considerations

  • Because credits from study abroad programs are not considered transfer credit, your advisor may not award courses with XX in the course number (e.g. BIOL 2XX).
  • UW Study Abroad suggests the number of credits earned based on our credit conversion tables for each foreign institution (1 semester credit = 1.5 UW quarter credits, 1 ECTS credit = 0.75 UW quarter credits). However, departmental advisors ultimately decide the number of credits earned.
  • It is mandatory that students complete all required academic work for each course taken abroad and submit a transcript to UW Study Abroad in order to receive credits upon their return.
  • Although credit is guaranteed, the type of UW credit awarded is not determined until after the exchange or program has ended and the appropriate UW department has evaluated the coursework completed abroad.
  • Not every university abroad has a process for withdrawing from a course – be sure to document any changes (such as adding or dropping a course) you may have attempted to make while studying abroad to your transcript.
  • In general, undergraduate students earn the equivalent of 20-25 UW credits/semester, 36-45 UW credits/academic year for coursework completed on exchanges, but it is your responsibility to manage the number of credits you wish to acquire or may need for full time status. Ask your study abroad advisor if you need help!
  • In the unfortunate case that you do not earn enough credit abroad to maintain your full time standing at the University of Washington, FSTDY 299 will be included permanently on your official UW transcript. The amount of FSTDY 299 credit appearing on a transcript is the difference between the credits earned and the UW full-time status requirement (Undergraduate = 12 credits, Graduate = 10 credits). This course will not impede your graduation, nor have an effect on your GPA. However, this is a permanent course on your transcript and will not count towards your graduation requirements. This course may have an impact on your financial aid, so be sure to consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).
  • If you are participating in a study abroad exchange program in the term you hope to graduate, you may find that your foreign transcript arrives too late to meet the registrar’s quarterly deadline for grade reporting.  In that case, you may be required to delay your graduation by a quarter.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Remember, all grades for courses completed abroad will be reported to your UW transcript regardless of the final mark or need for credit.

When students return

  • Once your program has ended and all coursework has been evaluated by your program director, the courses and grades will be reported to UW Study Abroad. Then, we will transfer these credits onto your UW transcript, usually within a week or two of receipt of the grade report. Early fall coursework is reported at the end of autumn quarter.

Some important considerations

  • It is mandatory that students attend and participate in all courses abroad and entirely complete the coursework included in the program. Students are not eligible to drop courses on UW faculty-led programs. In certain instances, they can take courses Satisfactory/Non-satisfactory (S/NS).
  • Students on UW Faculty-led Programs earn UW credit for academic work completed abroad. All grades and credits for courses completed abroad will be reported, regardless of the final mark or need for credit.

When students return

  1. Upon your return from abroad, you will work with your sponsoring faculty and departments to have your academic performance evaluated on your independent study/internship. The sponsor will then complete the “upon return” section of the credit verification form.
  2. Return the completed form to UW Study Abroad and we will post the grades to your transcript.
  3. It is important to note that all grades for courses completed abroad will be reported, regardless of the final mark or need for credit.

Important considerations

  • If a student receives Federal Financial Aid for the year after a study abroad program, it will be put on hold if the credits are not converted in a timely manner.
  • The credit conversion process varies depending on the type of study abroad program that the student attended. UW Study Abroad is unable to convert credits until all of the courses taken abroad have been assigned a UW course equivalent.
  • For purposes related to registration, graduation, and financial aid, we recommend that this credit conversion process be completed by the end of the quarter following the study abroad experience.
  • All grades earned abroad will be transferred to a student’s UW transcript, regardless of the final mark or need for credit, and will be calculated into their UW grade point average.
  • Encourage your study abroad students to consult you early and often about the courses they are planning to take on a program abroad and how those courses will fit into their graduation plan.

FAQs on credit evaluation forms

FAQs on credit evaluation forms

  • Make sure you are using your UW email to view the document. We will not give access to non-UW emails.
  • Try using the link given to you into an incognito window.
  • If you are still having access issues, please email us at

  • All steps in the Credit Evaluation Form must be completed, especially step #4 to formally submit the form.
  • If it has been more than 5 business days since the day you submitted your Credit Evaluation Form, please call us at 206.221.4404 or email us at

Email the following information:

  1. For which course have you uploaded the document(s)?
  2. For which course would you like the document to be uploaded?

There is a 5 document uploading limit, so if you have reached that, let us know that in the email as well.

The type of credit is dependent on the foreign course the student took while abroad. For example, once the Credit Evaluation Form is processed and sent to the student; the student will upload all relevant documentation, and then send the form with the documents to the appropriate department. So if a student took a psychology course while abroad, they would share the form with the UW Psychology department and that department’s adviser will assign the equivalent UW course. It is important to note that advisers may request additional information or meeting in order to provide an accurate UW course equivalent.

If a student cannot find a department with equivalent credits, the student can as Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising and they can assign General Studies credit.

Our office is required by the University of Washington to report all courses listed in the official foreign transcript. Therefore, the only way to officially omit a course from being reported is by contacting the foreign institution or partner to update your foreign transcript. You will need to follow the foreign institution regulations on how to have an updated foreign transcript.