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About Us

Go. Connect. Discover.

Who we are

We are international educators dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of global opportunities. We serve as a resource for the campus community, with a commitment to collaboration, ethics, and professionalism.

Our vision

We envision the UW as a global community. Our students, staff and faculty are global citizens whose academic endeavors take place in a context larger than our campus.

Our international partnerships

We strive to develop reciprocal relationships with host communities and universities around the world, sensitive to the impact of our presence abroad. Through these partnerships we welcome a diverse group of international exchange students who contribute new perspectives to our academic and intercultural UW community.

Our UW partnerships

We work with academic departments, Student Life, Enrollment Services, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity and others to enable the movement of people and ideas across international boundaries.

Our commitment

Whether you are a UW student going abroad, or an international exchange student coming to the UW, we are committed to your safety, to your academic and personal growth, and to broadening your perspectives by inviting you to engage the diversity of the world. This experience will push your boundaries and challenge your worldview.

Our shared challenge

Your studies, your personal journeys and your contributions – on campus and abroad – will connect you to our shared humanity amidst diversity. Your experiences as a student away from home will also reveal the inequities and complexities that pervade contemporary life.

Our aim

We hope your paths of study on campus will prepare and then inspire you to meet people, experience places and exchange ideas abroad.  We hope that when you return home, you will have a fresh academic perspective, new dreams for the future and a vision for how you can make a difference.

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