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Pedagogical tools & education abroad scholarship

The following are articles and resources that have been selected to help fuel ideas and inform approaches to running international programs and supporting students abroad. Our hope in UW Study Abroad is that this literature helps program directors in being intentional, ethical and inclusive in their programming. We encourage program directors to strive for running programs that are:

      • Considerate and respectful of the host country culture
      • As culturally and linguistically immersive as possible
      • Academically rigorous, as well as encouraging of reflection and transformative personal growth before, during and after the program
      • Welcoming, inclusive, empowering and supportive of students from diverse backgrounds as members of the program cohort

Directing and running a study abroad program provides faculty and staff with the unique opportunity to engage with students on a much more comprehensive level than they would on campus. We recognize that this role comes with many benefits and positive experiences as well as challenges and increased work. We thank you for taking the time to look through these resources to help enhance your programming.

Our Faculty-led Programs Team is available to further discuss these topics and support your program.