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Best practices when contacting us

We are here to help you. To ensure the best assistance, please follow these guidelines.

  • Search our website first. Most answers can be found on the website.
  • Be sure to choose the appropriate contact method from the options below.
  • Options 1, 3 and 4 are managed by the same staff member. Contacting us with the same question or request through multiple channels may result in a delayed response.

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Option 1

Email us

  • Email is the preferred option for quick responses to all questions/requests.
  • Provide your UW Student Number for a quick response if you have one.
  • Our typical response time is 1-3 business days.


Email us

Option 2

Meet with an adviser

  • If you don’t know where to start, need guidance, or have too many questions, meet with an adviser.
  • Select the appropriate type of advising to prevent the need for additional appointments.
  • Advising is not intended for quick questions.
  • All appointments are one-on-one via Zoom.

Schedule an appointment

Option 3

Join the virtual front desk

  • The virtual front desk will assist with finding information on the website, connecting to appropriate resources, and checking the status of applications, requirements, enrollment and credits/grades.
  • The virtual front desk is intended for quick questions only.
  • This is not for drop-in advising.
  • New appointments (1 week out) become available every Monday and Tuesday.
  • If you are later than 7 minutes, your appointment will be canceled.

Mondays & Tuesdays
10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Join virtual front desk

Option 4

Visit the front desk

  • You may visit our front desk to pick up your documents or have your documents signed by our staff.
  • We do not offer in-person drop-in advising. If you wish to meet with an adviser in person, please directly reach out to the adviser and schedule an appointment.
  • As most staff members work remotely, visiting the front desk doesn’t guarantee access to a specific staff member. Please email them to check their availability first.

4th Floor in Schmitz Hall
On the corner of NE Campus Parkway and 15th Avenue NE

Monday – Thursday 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

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While we encourage students to take responsibility for their study abroad experience, parents and family members are welcome to email us at for general questions about our UW Study Abroad programs. Please note that we can only provide general information that can be found on our website.


UW Study Abroad must abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This can mean that we cannot divulge student academic, financial or enrollment information to parents without the student’s written consent. Find out more information about student educational privacy rights.


If you need someone to speak to your team, unit, group of students or department, please email to request a study abroad staff member to discuss the many opportunities for study abroad at UW!


  • Please email for the following topics:
    • Technical issues with our application system
    • General recommendation survey
    • General inquiries on study abroad programs and processes
  • Please email directly to the program manager for questions regarding UW Faculty-led programs, program proposal, etc. If you don’t know your program manager, please email
  • Please contact our finance and administration team for questions and issues regarding field advance card.


For credit-related questions, please visit our Adviser Guide for Credit Conversion page. If you have any study abroad-related questions or encounter technical issues with the Credit Evaluation Form, feel free to email us at