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Program director workshops


All program directors are required to complete a mandatory Program Director Course accessible through your online proposal application or co-leader registration application, once your program has been approved. This course covers resources and support available at UW to assist you in managing all aspects of your study abroad program. Program directors and co-leaders must complete this course and earn a passing score before UW Study Abroad will be able to officially confirm the program and begin making payments.

Once you have completed the online course, you will attend a 2 hour in-person workshop in which we will review critical information and workshop case study scenarios. This live session will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge, connect with other program directors, and ask questions of UW Study Abroad staff and each other.

Upcoming Program Director Workshops

We ask that you take the online course (located in your program proposal) before you attend a live workshop. Click the sign up link below to register for an upcoming workshop.

  • More workshops will be offered in autumn quarter, check back in August to sign up

How to Navigate Sensitive Issues about Identity and Difference Abroad with Dr. Anu Taranath 

These days many of our students are thinking about identity, difference, race, culture and power, and feel a range of emotions about these topics. How might we deepen our awareness of these issues and more skillfully navigate sensitive conversations on our programs abroad? Join Dr. Anu as she offers some framing and analysis on our current cultural moment and why conversations about identity are so sensitive and tricky. We’ll explore how we can travel more mindfully in an unequal world, and prepare ourselves and our students for richer, more meaningful experiences.

  • More workshops will be offered in autumn quarter, check back in August to sign up


Proposing a New Study Abroad Program

If you are considering developing a new faculty-led study abroad program, we encourage you to read through the Proposing a Program section of our website. You can then come to an information session on proposing a new program. We will cover important policies, financial considerations and timelines. For the foreseeable future these information sessions will be held via Zoom.

You can also contact us at to set up a meeting with a member of our staff.

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