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Featured program – Rome in Residence

UW Study Abroad is launching a brand new type of study abroad program. Rome in Residence is UW’s campus at the UW Rome Center, located in the city’s heart. Live in Rome and complete general education requirements for graduation. Each day might include walking by the Pantheon, stopping for a cappuccino, and learning in a 15th century palazzo built on foundations of a temple.

We plan to run Rome in Residence annually, Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

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A little advice

Keep in mind that programs pulled into a keyword search are not necessarily currently open to accepting applications. Don’t let that discourage you! Be sure you are checking the application deadlines and dates of the program to determine when to apply. You may be doing a great job of planning ahead, but you are just a bit too early to begin your application.

If you just can’t wait to study abroad, and want to apply to a program right now, use the apply now link above for a complete list of programs that are currently accepting applications.

If you have questions about the availability of a certain program, you can write to

Factors to Consider

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Programs are offered in many locations

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia and Oceania

Searching by location can help you refine your options. Maybe you have family roots in a given country. Or maybe you are interested in the cuisine or art or literature from a certain region. Or maybe you don’t know! That’s okay. The world is a huge place, and every location will give you its own cultural experience.

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There are 4 types of program terms

  • Short-term Programs (4 weeks or shorter)
  • Quarter-long Programs (align with UW academic terms)
  • Semester-long Programs (roughly 15 weeks, do not align with UW academic terms)
  • Year-long Programs

Searching for a program by term lets you explore programs of a given length. This can be useful if you have academic constraints that make it difficult to study abroad for a long period of time. Or maybe you know you want to spend a whole year living in another country. Keep in mind that many other programs are on semesters. We can help you figure out how those programs will work with the UW quarter system if you need help.

Search Programs by Term

MyPlan – make an academic schedule so you know what length of program will work for you.

Department or Major

By searching for programs with a particular academic focus, you can get credit towards your major, test-drive a field of study you may want to pursue, or pick something that just sounds fun! We suggest you also browse individual program brochures to learn more about the academic components of a program.

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Program Type

There are 5 general program types

  • University Exchanges: attend regular classes at a partner University
  • UW Programs: faculty-led, during UW quarter(s) – take coursework in a specific subject area
  • UW Partner Programs: approved options organized by other universities, study abroad program providers, or foreign language schools.
  • Internships: on-the-job experience abroad – available through a range of organizations/Institutions
  • Fieldwork, Research & Independent Learning Abroad (FRILA): allows students to engage globally while maintaining student status and allows students to undertake degree-related international travel (whether for credit or not) while being fully enrolled at UW, covered by insurance abroad, and supported by UW Global Travel Security to ensure their health & safety.

Searching by program type brings up programs that are structured in different ways. If you want to take courses at a foreign university, you might consider a University Exchange. If you want to study with a group of UW students and faculty, look at UW Programs or Exploration Seminars. Other preferences also play into program type. For example, do you want a high level of independence or do you prefer a lot of support? Reflect on your preferences and use the link below to learn more.

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