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Setting up Canvas

Canvas sites are usually connected with a specific SLN, but since we do not assign specific SLNs to our programs, the program directors must request a non-SLN Canvas site from UWIT.  They should email and should specify that the request is for UW Learning Technologies. UW Learning Technologies will need the following info to set up the Canvas site:

  1. A very brief description of the intended purpose of the course.

  2. What you would like the course to be titled.

  3. The NetID of the instructor or administrator of the course (cannot be a “shared” UW NetID).

  4. Which academic unit (school, department, or curricula) the course should be associated with. This can help ensure that departmental administrative staff have appropriate access.

  5. If this course should be associated with a specific academic term, or if it is an ongoing departmental resource. Please note that courses that have student submissions are subject to academic data retention schedules, and must be assigned to to a specific academic term.