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Acceptance & next steps

You’ve been accepted to a study abroad program, congratulations! Now what? Below is a quick summary of initial next steps to confirm your participation in the program and begin preparing to depart.

Commit to the program

What does it meant to “commit” to your study abroad program? Changing your status in MyGlobal from “accepted” to “committed” indicates to UW Study Abroad that this is the program you intend to participate in within a given term. You are only able to commit to one program during a term. For example, if you have applied to multiple summer programs, you will only be able to change your status to committed for one summer program. Committing helps UW Study Abroad know how many students are serious about the study abroad opportunity, and in some cases, it provides us with a good indication of whether or not the program can run. It’s an important step!

Only once you have signed and submitted a payment contract do you owe any program fees. There is no financial obligation to commit.

How to change your status to committed

  • Log into MyGlobal.
  • From your post-acceptance home page, you should see a box labeled “Commitment to Participate” in the upper left hand corner with the option to select either “Commit” or “Decline.”
  • Enter your choice here. If you are not able to participate in the program, select decline so that UW Study Abroad can invite someone from the waitlist to join the program.
  • Again, there is no cost to commit.

Submitting a payment contract

  • Once you are accepted and committed to a program, a payment contract will be available in your Checklist.
  • Once you have electronically signed a payment contract, you are financially committed to the program.
  • Read the contract carefully as it states your financial obligation, provides due dates for program fees, and outlines the withdrawal policy should you decide not to participate in the program.
  • Click “Sign” when you are ready to sign the contract. You will be able to access the payment contract at any time through your online application after you sign it.
  • You have three weeks from the time you were accepted to commit to the program and sign your contract.


  • If you completed your study abroad application by the priority deadline and filled out the Scholarships Eligibility questionnaire, you will automatically be considered for UW Study Abroad Scholarships.
  • UW Study Abroad Scholarships are mainly prioritized by financial need. In much more limited cases, scholarships are prioritized by major, location or program.
  • Visit our Scholarships page to learn more about all scholarship opportunities and the timeline for notification.

Checklist of pre-departure requirements

Once you have been accepted and you have committed to your program, your status in MyGlobal will move into the “post-decision” phase and there are a number of tasks you must complete in order to be registered with the UW for study abroad. Spend some time now looking through the requirements as some will take more time than others.

Below is a list of the pre-departure requirements in the list labeled Checklist. Log into MyGlobal to begin completing these tasks.

  • Electronically submit payment contract
  • Fill out the Health Survey
  • Enroll in UW Student Abroad Insurance by activating International SOS
  • Submit your travel dates and passport information
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Complete online orientation

Note that you must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your program ends. You must input this information in our system well in advance of your departure in order to be enrolled and avoid a late fee. If you do not have a passport or need to renew, we strongly suggest you begin the process as soon as possible.

Visit our Pre-departure requirements & enrollment page to read more about the enrollment process and important deadlines.

Congratulations again on your acceptance to study abroad!