Study Abroad

Scholarship information for Program Directors

UW Study Abroad awards scholarships via one process that is coupled with the study abroad program application.

Here are some key points about the new scholarship process:

  • Students only apply for a study abroad program; there is no additional scholarship application or essay is required, and there is no separate deadline apart from the study abroad program priority deadline.
  • Washington residents with the greatest financial need are given priority for scholarships. Financial need is demonstrated via the FAFSA or WASFA.
  • Applicants will receive study abroad scholarship offers before the deadline to financially commit to their study abroad program (sign a contract).
  • UW Study Abroad now offers additional financial planning support for students (including workshops and advising) before and during the application process.
  • UW Study Abroad adviser, Kiana Parker, offers drop-in advising around campus (including Schmitz, Mary Gates Hall and the ECC) and other resources for students who want to learn more about scholarships and financial aid for study abroad.
  • Visit the Scholarships page of our website to view the information provided to students.

Why are we doing this?

  • Student surveys demonstrate that financial need is one of the most significant barriers to participation in study abroad.
  • We are focusing on need-based scholarships because we believe that merit is already established in the program application. That is, if an FLP student has been selected by you to participate in your program, we believe they merit consideration for a scholarship.
  • Since we do not have enough resources to award every student a scholarship, we are prioritizing Washington residents with the greatest financial need. Our goal is to raise additional funds so that we can award even more students in the future.

What this means for your program

  • UW Study Abroad will set firm application deadlines for each term. If you extend the deadline for your study abroad program, students who apply after this date will not be able to be considered for a scholarship. This information is included in the program brochure and on the UW Study Abroad website.
  • Program directors will need to make application decisions within 12 calendar days of the application deadline.
  • Students may use the maximum amount of time possible to commit and submit contracts to a program. We do not expect students to submit a contract until after scholarship notifications have gone out. We aim to notify students of awards no later than one month after the program priority deadline.
  • You may extend your program deadline, but students who apply after the priority deadline for that term, will not be considered for scholarships.

Programs must use the standardized application dates below in order for applicants to be able to be considered for UW Study Abroad Scholarships. 

Term Priority Application Deadline Decision date
Summer January 31 February 12
Early fall February 15 February 27
Autumn February 15 February 27
Winter May 15 May 27
Spring November 15 November 27