Study Abroad

Staff directory

Study Abroad Leadership

Wolfram Latsch (He/Him)


Lauren Easterling (She/Her)

Associate Director

Molly Wilskie-Kala (She/Her)

Assistant Director

Student Programming Team

Led by Lauren Easterling, Associate Director

  • Faculty-led study abroad program development
  • Faculty-led program facilitation and application management
  • Scholarships and financial planning
  • Study abroad and international exchange student advising
  • Exchange/program partnership development
  • Independent learning
Darielle Horsey (She/Her)

Senior Program Manager
Faculty-led programs

Katherine Kroeger (She/Her)

Senior Program Manager
Faculty-led programs

Shannon Quinn (She/Her)

Senior Program Manager
Exchange and partner provider programs

Sarah Berryman (She/Her)

Program Manager
Exchange and partner provider programs

Operations & Analytics

Led by Molly Wilskie-Kala, Assistant Director

  • Study abroad enrollment
  • Credit reporting
  • Application database management
  • Independent learning
  • Student tours
  • Study abroad analytics
Taylor Ahana-Jamile (She/He/They)

Program Specialist, Operations

Emily Schump (She/Her)

Program Specialist, Marketing & Outreach

Finance & Administration

Led by Liza Luboff, Business Manager
General Email Contact:

  • Student charging
  • Budget and spending plan development, payment processing and reconciliation
  • Field advances
Liza Luboff (She/Her)

Business Manager

 Monica Woo (She/Her)

Program Manager

Scholarships & Funding

Kiana Parker (She/Her)

Equity Program Manager & Scholarships Advisor